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Ryan Garcia and Sean O’Malley Commit to Boxing Match, Oscar De La Hoya Wants Dana White on Undercard

Allan Binoy

Ryan Garcia and Sean O’Malley Commit to Boxing Match, Oscar De La Hoya Wants Dana White on Undercard

Ryan Garcia wants Sean O’Malley next, and the UFC champion has agreed to it. Garcia in the past claimed that he could beat ‘Sugar’ in MMA if he trained for it and even campaigned for an MMA fight. However, following his recent win against Devin Haney, Garcia has decided to call out O’Malley to a boxing fight. The pair have been going back and forth for a while now. But, setting up a boxing fight between the pair will not be easy.

Sean O’Malley has a contract with the UFC and the organization does not usually let fighters fight outside of it. Only exception till date has been Conor McGregor, when he fought Floyd Mayweather.

The reason the UFC let Conor McGregor fight Floyd Mayweather was because it was a historic matchup that would break PPV records.

Despite this, Ryan Garcia called out ‘Sugar’ in a recent Instagram post, saying,

“MAN BUN Slash Connor Clone Wants a boxing match hmmm I wanted MMA but let’s do it. That’s my brothers name b*tch @lilrushgee now I have to destroy you, LIL PONY CANNOT DEFEAT ME”

The UFC Bantamweight champion accepted the fight in the comments section and replied,

While the beef between the two athletes seems to be at peak, interestingly, Oscar De La Hoya also got involved. Garcia’s promoter, and former boxer De La Hoya, said that he wanted to fight Dana White in the undercard. He tweeted,

Well, Dana White does not box professionally, and it is highly unlikely he will put himself in the boxing ring.

O’Malley, on the other hand, is confident that he can set the fight up. In a recent podcast episode, he even gave a potential timeline for the fight.

Sean O’Malley believes he can take on Ryan Garcia in the boxing ring after two more wins

Sean O’Malley knows that for him to put a strong case forward to Dana White for a boxing match, he needs to become bigger, fame and personality-wise.

The UFC Bantamweight Champion recently spoke about a potential fight against Ryan Garcia and what would make it possible. ‘Suga’ said,

“I still gotta become bigger. Yeah yeah exactly, two more f*cking sick performances then we’re talking about going to do whatever the f*ck we want.”

Thus, Sean O’Malley believes he is just a couple of fights away from being able to call the shots. Although Ryan Garcia is ready to fight him in MMA, but no athletic commission would let the boxer fight a MMA professional.

So the only option O’Malley really has is the boxing ring, for now. It will be interesting to see if ‘Sugar’ manages to convince Dana White and the UFC to set up a boxing match in the future.

Post Edited By:Debmallya Chakraborty

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