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Sean Strickland Hails Chris Curtis’ Striking Prowess Despite Tough Loss to Brendan Allen

Allan Binoy

Sean Strickland Hails Chris Curtis' Striking Prowess Despite Tough Loss to Brendan Allen

Sean Strickland is pretty proud of Chris Curtis’ performance at UFC Vegas 90. Although Brendal Allen is someone Curtis has beaten previously, he agreed to the fight on extremely short notice. Strickland, who shares a pretty close relationship with ‘Action Man,’ recently shared his thoughts about the fight and applauded his friend for outstriking his opponent. Moreover, according to the former middleweight champion, the scorecard was not a proper reflection of what went on during the bout.

Even though the match was an intensely contested affair and could have gone either direction, Brendan Allen was awarded the victory via a split decision. However, Strickland did not agree with the judges, and in a series of recent tweets, called out how Curtis should have been treated better.

“That score card is embarrassing lmao… I’m not saying because I’m his friend. He had his new born and just wanted a few months to chill out and he comes off the couch and out strikes a guy with a full camp”

In the same flurry of Tweets, Strickland shared how he had advised Curtis not to take the fight since the latter was not training lately. However, not only did ‘Action-Man’ agree to the bout on a week’s notice, but he also went on to outstrike his opponent.

Sean Strickland and Chris Curtis’ friendship is truly wonderful to witness. At a time when fighters refuse to give their opponents even an inch of leniency, Strickland revealed why he purposely lost to Curtis while sparring.

Sean Strickland reveals why he purposely lost to Chris Curtis in sparring

Sean Strickland revealed that he allowed Curtis to beat him in a sparring session, just so ‘Action-Man’ could gain some confidence. Curtis became a father recently, which has kept him from training for a few months. So it was up to the former middleweight champion to give his friend some much-needed confidence.

“UFC filmed Curt, I did one round of sparring with him and let him win. The camera crew was confused because they know me I said, if I spar him remotely hard he will lose all confidence going into this fight he’s so out of shape.”

Sean knew that his friend was out of shape for a fight and needed any edge he could get. Hence, if he went hard at Curtis in sparring, the 36-year-old would have no confidence going into the fight. Hence, Sean Strickland did play an immensely important role in helping Chris Curtis outstrike his opponent at UFC Vegas 90.

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