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Sean Strickland Speculates ‘Murder’ and ‘Big Payday’ in Potential Jake Paul Fight While Highlighting UFC’s ‘Cutthroat Nature’ vs. NFL and NBA

Allan Binoy

Sean Strickland Speculates ‘Murder’ and ‘Big Payday’ in Potential Jake Paul Fight While Highlighting UFC’s ‘Cutthroat Nature’ vs. NFL and NBA

Sean Strickland believes it will be deadly for Jake Paul to fight him. Strickland and Paul have been at loggerheads for quite some time. The pair have been going back and forth on social media ever since the UFC fighter sparred with Sneako.

While Strickland was tough on Sneako, Paul reacted to the spar by calling the MMA fighter a ‘coward.’ Following that altercation, the pair have spoken about fighting each other and even organizing a sparring session, but to no avail.

Sean Strickland is on a mission to ‘destroy’ social media influencers who think they can fight. The two biggest names on his radar currently are Jake Paul and Bryce Hall. In a recent tweet, the former champion compared the UFC to the NFL and NBA before speaking about what might happen if Paul were to fight him:

“Here’s the thing guys. UFC isn’t the NFL or the NBA it’s absolutely cut throat. You don’t leave this sport happy or well. If I fought Jake Paul 1. I’d murder him but 2. We would make millions.

Apart from mentioning how cut-throat the UFC is, Strickland was confident that he would ‘murder’ Jake Paul in the octagon. At the same time, he also insisted that both would be able to earn millions from such a fight.

Surprisingly, shortly after this Tweet, Sean Strickland revealed that he was checking out of X for a couple of days.

Sean Strickland reveals he is taking a break from X for a few days

Sean Strickland is very active on X and uses the medium to converse with his fans. Naturally, some of his remarks on the site did get him into trouble, but Strickland showed no sign of leaving the platform until now.

In a sudden turn of events, Strickland revealed that he would be taking a few days off from X. The former champion also used this opportunity to thank his fans, as he said,

“Well I’m checking out of Twitter for a couple days. Gotta figure out my life lol! Anyways appreciate you guys. Really man my fans are the real ones…Thank you all again. I’m out.”

According to Strickland, he is taking a break from social media to ‘figure out‘ his life. He also insisted that he would never stop speaking out for his fans as long as the UFC gave him a platform to do so. Currently, Sean Strickland is looking to secure a rematch against Dricus Du Plessis. However, the UFC is yet to greenlight this much-anticipated fight.

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