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UFC Vegas 92 Bonuses: Dana White and Co. Hands $50,000 Each for Edson Barboza, Lerone Murphy, Angela Hill, asnd Khaos Williams

Souvik Roy

UFC Vegas 92 Bonuses: Dana White and Co. Hands $50,000 Each for Edson Barboza, Lerone Murphy, Angela Hill, and Khaos Williams

Like all other UFC Fight Night events, the UFC Vegas 92 also ended with Dana White announcing four bonuses for the distinguished performers of the night. So without further ado, let’s take a look at who made how much for their performance during the course of the night.

But before we proceed, do note that the event also bore an exception from the other its kind. For some time now, several fans had been vocal about how the authorities preferred KO victories to give away the post-fight bonuses.

But, the UFC Vegas 92 showcased that it wasn’t a mandate, as Angela Hill earned a $50k bonus with the first submission victory of her career.

The main event of the UFC Vegas 92 provided the fans with an enthralling show for five rounds. Brazilian main eventer Edson Barboza certainly offered resistance against Lerone Murphy’s brutal attacks. But he couldn’t do enough to claim the fight, losing out via a unanimous decision by the judges.

That said, no other fight could match the excitement of the main event as Dana White and Co. adjudged it as the ‘Fight of the Night’. Barboza and Murphy both got their fight purses boosted by $50k for their battle.


The co-main event of the UFC Vegas 92 also did justice to the special place it had been given. The Khaos Williams vs. Carlston Harris fight provided fans with a different kind of exhilaration.

‘The Ox Fighter’ Williams knocked the lights out of his rival at the 1:30 mark of the first round earning him the final ‘Performance of the Night’ bonus.

Now, knowing about the recipients of the post-fight bonuses might get fans interested in knowing which of the fighters stayed on top in terms of their earnings.

Which fighters made the most amount of money at UFC Vegas 92?

The significance of the $50k post-fight bonus becomes apparent after looking at the top earners of the UFC Vegas 92. The top three money-makers in terms of their UFC Vegas 92 payouts were the ones who earned the post-fight bonuses of the event.

The main eventer, Edson Barboza topped the list with an estimated $300k payout, as several sources predicted his guaranteed fight purse to be somewhere around $250k.

While the other ‘Performance of the Night’ bonus winners didn’t make as much, they did bag the second and third spots in the list.

A few reports suggested that both Williams and Angela Hill would make a similar amount of $150k from their fights. Hence, it’s pretty hard to detail which of them earned the second spot and who came third as both of their total earnings stood at around $200k.

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