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UFC Veteran Insists Conor McGregor Deserves Oscar for ‘Ba**ss Villian’ Role in ‘Road House’ Alongside Jake Gyllenhaal

Allan Binoy

r McGregor Deserves Oscar for ‘Ba**ss Villian’ Role in ‘Road House’ Alongside Jake Gyllenhaal

Conor McGregor deserves an Oscar according to an UFC veteran. ‘The Notorious’ recently made his Hollywood debut with his role in the movie ‘Road House’. The movie is a remake of the classic 1989 film in which McGregor plays the role of a villain, Knox. Doug Liman cast the Irishman alongside Hollywood veteran Jake Gyllenhaal and the pair seem to have formed a new power duo. McGregor’s acting skills received immense praise from fans and critics alike. Likewise, a former UFC veteran was in awe of the UFC star as well.

Jayson ‘Mayhem’ Miller is a UFC veteran and a former TV show host. Miller has been away from the spotlight for a while now. In a recent interview with Helen Yee for her YouTube channel, he sat down to discuss all things UFC. At one point during the conversation, the topic deviated to Conor McGregor’s latest Hollywood stint. Visibly impressed by his performance, the 43-year-old American stated,

“I just think that Conor McGregor deserves an actor, some type of Oscar, Emmy…He did a great job, he’s ba**ss. He slipped into the villain role suspiciously easily.”

Mayhem Miller also went on to praise Jake Gyllenhaal for his physique in the movie. He called both Conor McGregor and Gyllenhaal ‘bad**ses’ for their impeccable on-screen portrayal of their roles in the film. ‘The Notorious’ looked fearsome in his villainous maneuvers as he tries to get rid of Jake Gyllenhaal’s character, who is a former UFC fighter turned bouncer.

Thus, there can be no questions how much of star power McGregor packs and how far he has come from being an UFC double champion. Following his stint with Hollywood, the Irishman is gearing up to return to the octagon in the summer this year. However, just ahead of his return, the Irish icon was surprised to find out about another ‘Connor’ in the UFC.

Conor McGregor finds out about UFC fighter Connor Matthews and has an identity crisis

In the most hilarious manner, Conor McGregor suffered from an identity crisis following UFC Atlantic City this weekend. The Irishman tuned in to see Connor Matthews fighting against Dennis Buzukja. Matthews is a former Dana White’s Contender Series fighter who made his way into the UFC. Irked by the similarity in their names, ‘The Notorious’ sent out a number of tweets about Matthews, which he then deleted. One of his tweet mentioned about the fact that in UFC, there is only one ‘Conor’. MMA Orbit took pictures of the tweets and uploaded it on X. He said,

“Who the f*ck is this “Connor Mathew’s” guy? I’m the only Conor in the @ufc”

Conor McGregor further went on to accuse Matthews of ‘taking’ everything he has worked for in the UFC. Unfortunately, Connor Matthews ended up losing his fight in UFC Atlantic City via a third round knockout. McGregor then revealed that he would rename the UFC fighter as Matthew Conors, to avoid any confusion about their names.

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