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“Why Can’t UFC”: MMA Twitter Reacts as Jose Aldo, Roy Jones Jr. & Others Net $700K to 200k From Jorge Masvidal’s Gamebred Boxing 4

Himakshu Vyas

Jorge Masvidal Gamebred Boxing 4

King of Miami Jorge Masvidal’s Gamebred Boxing 4 was a major hit. What’s more, even the fighters earn a significant share of the event’s earnings as part of their purse. This is something the UFC is under scrutiny for, as fighters receive only a small percentage of the company’s overall earnings. It’s clear that the UFC could afford to do the same as Jorge Masvidal did through his event, given the numbers. Fans and fighters alike are wondering why the UFC doesn’t make this change. Moreover, especially since, it would undoubtedly boost morale among fighters. Furthermore, it also helps to mitigate some of the criticism that the company faces.

Jorge Masvidal is one of the most well-known fighters on the UFC roster, making him an incredibly valuable asset to the company. However, it’s important to remember that Dana White remains the dominant force in the world of promoter business.

He has played a major role in turning the UFC into the powerhouse it is today, despite the company’s early struggles to find venues for its events.

Gamebred boxing Jorge MasvidalCredits: Twitter

Despite the UFC’s success, it has faced mounting criticism in recent years from fans, fighters, and journalists alike. According to the complaints, the UFC is not doing enough to protect fighter safety, failing to provide adequate post-retirement care, and not paying fighters a fair wage.

Jorge Masvidal knocks out fighter’s pay with Gamebred Boxing 4

On April 1st, 2023, the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was filled with excitement as the Gamebred Boxing 4 event took the arena by storm. The show was a huge success and the fighters greatly benefited from the wages.

This begs the question of why UFC fighters don’t receive the same pay. Shakiel Mahjouri reported that several fighters received a significant amount of money, making the pay disparity between Gamebred Boxing 4 and UFC even more evident.

Shakiel Mahjouri’s Tweet revealed the amount of money several fighters received from the event. Anthony Pettis received $650,000, Roy Jones Jr received $700,000, Vitor Belfort received $400,000, Jacare Souza received $200,000, Jose Aldo received $425,000, and Jeremy Stephens received $200,000.

These amounts are significantly higher than what most UFC fighters earn, highlighting the disparity in fighter pay between the two organizations.

He said, ‘So if Jorge Masvidal can hand out these paydays, why can’t UFC blow it out of the water?

What’s even more astonishing is that even after losing his fight, Roy Jones Jr received $700,000. Not many UFC fighters can say that they have ever earned such a significant amount of money after their fight.

Fans react to the Gamebred Boxing 4 payout

Fans did not waste time voicing their opinion regarding the Gamebred Boxing 4 payout. Here’s what they had to say:

One fan said:

A fan said:

Another fan said:

Meanwhile, a fan said:

Whilst one fan said:

Some fan said:

A fan said:

It remains unclear whether UFC will make the necessary changes which will stop the criticism and make a level playing field for the fighters. However, Gamebred Boxing 4 does set a good standard for others.

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