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Valorant Americas: NRG vs EG; Predictions, Head to Head, Rosters, and Where to Watch

Adnan Juzar Kachwala

Valorant Americas: NRG vs EG; Predictions, Head to Head, Rosters, and Where to Watch

Valorant Americas heads into its final week as NRG takes on EG. This match is crucial for EG if they want to qualify for the playoffs while the Sentinels will also be watching this one closely.

Valorant Americas is in a questionable spot right now. The reason is that only three teams have qualified for the playoffs, those are LOUD, C9, and NRG. However, the tournament right now is set up in such a way that any remaining team with four wins can qualify for the playoffs.

Those teams with four wins right now are FURIA, EG, 100T, and Leviatan. All of this comes down to the round difference, head-to-head, and the number of wins each team has. So it will be really difficult to predict who will qualify for the playoffs for sure. While the Pacific teams have been confirmed, we have no idea about the Americas.

Let us break down this EG and NRG match-up. The points table currently favors NRG. We will see if that is still the case after this match.


  • EG Will Qualify for Playoffs if They Beat NRG in this Valorant Americas Match; Can They Do It?
  • Predictions
  • Head-to-Head
  • Rosters
  • Where to Watch

EG Will Qualify for Playoffs if They Beat NRG in this Valorant Americas Match; Can They Do It?

EG and NRG have had a storied rivalry in the Americas even before the partnership era. Both of these teams are the personification of NA Valorant and have given fans some good matches. However, the stakes are high in this match-up since EG and NRG will battle it out for the third spot on the points table. How? Let us break it down.

NRG currently stands at a W/L record of 5-3. EG on the other hand has 4-4. If EG wins the record will be 5-4 (While NRG will be 5-4 as well) which will stir up the points table and could put EG in third place. However, if EG lose, the chances of Sentinels making it to playoffs increase by a little(granted they win their next match against FURIA)

This is a really important match for EG to win. Even if NRG lose they won’t lose a spot in playoffs.


Both EG and NRG are coming into the match with good momentum and form. NRG defeated LOUD in their last match while EG quickly took wins over Sentinels and MIBR. However, we still think NRG is going to win this battle since their teamwork is too strong due to the OpTic core.

EG have a good roster and they have improved a lot since the start of the tournament. However, ever since NRG went back to basics, it has gotten a little hard to defeat them. We predict NRG will take this game 2-1.


These teams have faced each other three times in Valorant’s short history. All three times NRG have won the matches, the history is on the side of NRG, can EG break the streak?



  • c0m
  • Boostio
  • Jawgemo
  • Ethan
  • Demon1


  • Ardiis
  • Victor
  • Crashies
  • s0m

Where to Watch

You can watch the match by tuning into the Valorant Americas Twitch and YouTube streams. We are attaching an Embed link for YouTube which you can directly go to when the match starts. The match will start on May 18th, 15:00 PDT. If you are from any other region, you can use this converter.

Viewers can join Tarik’s stream for some fun and banter. This is going to be a banger of a match since both teams will bring their A-game. However, if you are more interested in the Sentinels match, click here.

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Adnan Juzar Kachwala


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