100 Thieves vs The Guard: The Guard defeat 100 Thieves 1-2 with a clean 13 round sweep on Map 3 of Valorant NA Main Event

Yuvansh Ruia
|Published February 21, 2022

100 Thieves and The Guard battled it out on February 21st in the Valorant NA Challengers. Here’s a quick recap of the three maps and how they panned out!

The North American Stage One Challengers are in full action with the top teams battling it out in a classic Best of Three format. With new rosters, agents and maps, the VALORANT Esports scene could not be more exciting. To go into the next round teams have to be in the Top 3 in their assigned groups.

This week’s latest match between 100 Thieves and The Guard seemed to prove why North America is one of the most entertaining regions in Esports. 100 Thieves went into this match wanting to prove that they still are one of the top organisations. whereas The Guard went into this match with the hunger to prove that they are as good as any other team out there.

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100 Thieves vs The Guard: Valorant NA Main Event Week 2

The Guard chose Haven as the first map and 100 Thieves used their map pick on Split. The deciding map is Ascent in the Best of Three matches.

Map 1: Haven

In this map, both teams looked very balanced with 100T Asuna and Guard Sayaplayer popping off while playing Jett. Eventually, the map went into Overtime with The Guard closing it out in Overtime with a score of 12-14. With this map, the rest of the maps seemed like an exciting matchup.

Map 2: Split

On Split, 100 Thieves looked like the more commanding team with more organised play. They always seemed one step ahead of The Guard and forced a Map 3 deciding game on Ascent. Each player on 100 Thieves played their role perfectly which led to all players having kills in double digits. 100 Thieves won 13-6.

Map 3: Ascent

In this map, The Guard absolutely demolished 100 Thieves 13-0 and showed their potential. Going into this match as the underdogs, they made a clear statement that they are here to win. 100 Thieves looked like Silver elo players against The Guard. They closed out the series 2-1 and had all the pros reacting to and praising their performance.

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