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Valorant News: DRX Replaces Zest with Foxy9 in their Main Roster for VCT LOCK//IN

Adnan Juzar Kachwala

Valorant News: DRX Replaces Zest with Foxy9 in their Main Roster for VCT LOCK//IN

DRX Valorant removes Zest and replaces him with Foxy9 to give the new blood a chance to represent himself in the event. 

DRX is no doubt a successful team and a fan favorite heading into the event. The team managed to put on a miracle performance in almost any event they participated in. Stax and Mako are some of the most iconic players and their mechanical ability speaks for itself. However, to give the new blood a chance in the LOCK//IN event, the main DRX roster is replacing Zest, the initiator with Foxy9. Let us look at this development and analyze why they made this move.

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DRX To change Valorant Roster ahead of VCT LOCK//IN; Foxy9 to replace Zest

DRX had incredible performances this year in Champions and Masters. Every member was clinical in getting the victories and their match against FPX above was one of the highlight matches of the year. Stax, Mako, and Buzz’s fragging abilities were praised while RB and Zest were instrumental in both utility and mechanical abilities. The whole team looked in good form.

Now we know that this team is no pushover, which is why they have decided to push Zest behind the back lines as the sixth man and give Foxy9 a chance to play. Up until now, DRX was one of the teams who retained all of their rosters despite the roster switch-ups. However, now that they have added Foxy9, their roster will have one extra member if there is an emergency.

Foxy9 is a duelist who also plays Breach from time to time, DRX particularly do not need a duelist so we are guessing he will enter the role of Breach or some other initiator; thus completely replacing Zest. We will have to see until LOCK//IN however. The said event begins on February 13th with the first match between KOI and NRG. For more Valorant news, stay tuned at The SportsRush!

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Adnan Juzar Kachwala


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