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Gambit vs Secret Valorant Champions Day 2: Gambit ESports defeats Team Secret to put them in exclusive 13-0 club in round 2.

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Gambit Esports Team Secret 13-0

Gambit Esports defeated Team Secret in a spectacular fashion in round 2 of Group stages on day 2. Gambit beat Secret 13-0, making Secret the first team in Valorant Champions with that scorecard.

Every professional team in Valorant is practising and trying out new strategies. But for better teams, the dynamics change completely when the momentum is on their side.

The same can be said for a team like Gambit. But, Gambit Esports was always considered a darkhorse before they won the Berlin Masters.

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Though they lost the first map, Icebox, they came back extremely strong in Round 2. So, how did Secret go from 1-0 to 1-1 in a matter of 45 minutes?

What happened? How did Gambit 13-0 Secret?

As the match began, 3 maps were chosen – Icebox, Breeze and Bind. Icebox was pretty close, considering the skill-cap of Team Secret.

But then, a monster awakened in Gambit Esports. Suddenly, 13-0 vs Secret on Breeze. Shocking turn of events really. In all honesty, Gambit is a much stronger team.

Yet, on the first map, they expected an easy win. Gambit almost became the first disaster in Valorant Champions 2021. Secret put up a fight and it was more than enough.

From Team Secret’s performance, it can be clearly stated that they are improving. But, individual performance is something they are still lacking.

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Reactions from Fans on Social Media

The fans ‘ reaction on Social Media was priceless. Also, a lot of fans reminisced about the matches against G2. Then, Gambit put them in 13-0 club too.

Secret Fans on the other hand exclaimed, “Just go next.” They were hopeful, Secret will put up a fight in Map 3.

G2 m1xwell even greeted Team Secret to the 13-0 Club. It is hilarious and heartwarming at the same time.

Below are some priceless reactions from fans of all three sides.

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