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“It is my support on stage”: GMB Nats tells us the story behind his iconic Panda

Tanmaiy Reddy

GMB Nats Panda

Ever wondered the story behind GMB Nats Panda, we know we have. Well, you don’t have to look anymore as nats told its purpose.

Ayaz “nAts” Akhmetshin is a 20-year-old professional Valorant player for the Gambit Esports team. Where he prefers to play the role of Sentinel specifically Cypher or sometimes Viper. We have seen him on stage representing his team many times.

Gambit Esports has shown one of the most consistent performances in all of VCT 2021. As they came 1st in Master 3 Berlin and 2nd in Valorant Champions.

And with him, we have defiantly seen his adorable panda on stage. The panda which he carries everywhere, on stage, off stage, interviews, and more. This means there is a purpose or story behind it, which he told us in a post-match interview.

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GMB Nats Panda Story

So the story of the Panda began during Stage 3: EMEA challengers. When Gambit lost to Ascend in the upper semifinals. After the match Nats and Gambit’s manager went for a little bit of shopping.

When they came across a shop which was selling soft toys of Sharks, Pandas, and other animals. And nats ended up buying 2 pandas, one for himself and one for his girlfriend.

He then named the panda after his girlfriend’s name “Adela“. And because of that, he brings the panda everywhere he goes, as it is his support. So, to be frank, nats brings the panda to have the girlfriend buff on stage.

But it works as nats have dominated the whole VCT with his high IQ and patient plays. And we got to see it Masters 3 Berlin and Valorant Champions where Gambit came in second.

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