VCT EMEA: Riot Games to host a “Super Week” with 10 matches; Gambit ESports not included in schedule

Yuvansh Ruia
|Published March 11, 2022

VCT EMEA Stage 1 Challengers was postponed amid the Russian-Ukrainian crisis. Riot has finally released a schedule but somehow Gambit isn’t playing.

In late February, VCT EMEA postponed all matches in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. VCT EMEA returned the following week. The newly announced “super week” will help the regions catch up. The “super week” will have 10 matches scheduled.

Russian organization Gambit is not present in the scheduled matches, but the official reason for the team’s absence hasn’t been revealed. Fans have connected their absence to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.


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Scheduled matches

Two matches are scheduled for Friday, March 11, and fans can expect four matches on Saturday, March 12 and Sunday, March 13. The B stream will feature Guild against SMB and BIG against NAVI on March 13. The action on March 13 will include LDN UTD vs. FPX and BBL vs. Acend. While four matches each day might be exciting, fans will have to try and watch two games simultaneously in both time slots.


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Absence of Gambit from the newly released schedule

Fans have noticed that Gambit are not included in the new schedule. Leaving many people curious about when the organization will compete again. It’s most likely due to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. Yet fans are demanding a statement from Riot Games.

Gambit NatS and the official Gambit twitter account tweeted about them not playing in the super week.

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The fans are demanding an official reason from Riot Games about their exclusion. Many fans found it disrespectful for last years Champions finalists to be excluded with no explanation.

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