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“Right now we are doing 0 Hour practice sessions”: SEN Sick comments about the Sentinels current practice routine

Tanmaiy Reddy

"Right now we are doing 0 Hour practice sessions": SEN Sick comments about the Sentinels current practice routine

With the Valorant Champions Tour 2022 on its way, the Sentinels roster is yet to start its practice sessions according to SEN Sick.

The Sentinels roster doesn’t require an introduction however, I will provide one for context. The Sentinels valorant roster has been one of the top-performing teams since the being of the Valorant competitive scene. And after the addition of TenZ, the team seemed unstoppable.

As they went on to win the first-ever international LAN event by Valorant, the Masters 2 Reykjavik. However, their performance went down after that tournament. And winning Masters 2, remained their peek point for VCT 2021.

But with VCT 2022 right on our doorstep, the roster can make its way back to the top.

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SEN Sick on Sentinals current practice routine

In a casual rank stream today, a viewer put up a question saying “How long are your practice sessions with Sentinels?“. Due to this, we came to know that they are not having any practice sessions. As Sick replied ” So currently we are doing 0-hour practice sessions, so we can stream“, he also added, “but it will get longer soon, don’t worry“.

The players of the Sentinel roster currently seem quite busy with TenZ moving to LA.

And with Shahzam currently grinding Valorant rank nonstop, with a little support from his new GF Buff.

No doubt Sentinels are one of the best teams out there, and the individual skills of each player are out of this world. However, if Sentinels are not able to perform in the upcoming VCT Stage 1 Main event, the fans will be heartbroken.

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