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“Sea is calling! Are you ready to dive in?”: Valorant Twitter teases the addition of Pearl in Competitive queue

Tanmaiy Reddy

"Sea is calling! Are you ready to dive in?": Valorant Twitter teases the addition of Pearl in Competitive queue

Nearly after 2 weeks after the release of the new map Pearl in Valorant. We finally get to see it join the rank queue in the upcoming patch. 

Valorant follows a trend that whenever their release a new map to the map pool. They always end up releasing it after 2 weeks, that is with the new patch. And following the same pattern, it has been almost 2 weeks since the release of Pearl.

The unrated version of Pearl was out along with the new patch on 22nd June. And since then we got to see, play and experiment on the new map. And also sent out a ton of geeky lineups for every angle.

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Pearl in Ranked Queue

Pearl is the latest map added to the Valorant map pool. It is a beautiful place set in Lisbon, Portugal, and is situated under the sea in a dome. It is one of the biggest maps in the pool with some of the longest peaks in all of valorant.

Which makes it one of the most favorable maps for Operator and Vandal users. Nonetheless, it is going to be fun to see a new map in our rank matches. And really exciting to get dominated by smurf players as well.

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Map Release Date

The map will go live along with the new patch, which will go live on:

  • North America: 13nd July 06:00 AM PST
  • Europe: 13nd July 03:00 PM CST
  • Southeast Asia: 14rd July 03:00 AM IST

All the above timings are the pre-defined default timing, however, if Riot faces any errors or exceptions while releasing the update, these timings could change. But that seems unlikely.

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