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SEN TenZ explains how bullet tracer affects spray patterns on Phantom and Vandal in Valorant

Tanmaiy Reddy
|Wed Jul 20 2022

Valorant’s most famous player, Sen Tenz shows how bullet tracers can help or hinder players in certain situations in-game.

Sentinel Tenz aka Tyson Ngo requires no introduction if you have been following Valorant. But if you are new to the competitive scene, Tenz is a Canadian Professional player currently playing for the Sentinals Valorant Roster. And since he joined, Sentinels have been one of the most famous Valorant teams worldwide.

Apart from competitive play, Sen Tenz is famous for his informative streams on his Twitch Channel. Where show how a professional player approaches the game and tips for the common player to improve their gameplay.

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Sen Tenz’s opinions on Bullet tracers

Bullet tracers are a feature in Valorant that enables you to keep a track of where your bullets are going while shooting. Each weapon has a certain recoil, which makes the spray pattern unstable. You have the option of enabling or disabling the bullet tracers from the in-game settings.

Even though the bullet Tracers are there to help you control your spray, here is what tenz thinks about them.

His opinion is that the tracers will help a play when he is learning to play Valorant. But once a player learns the initial spray pattern and learns how to counter it bullet tracers are not used fully at that stage. As they might be accurate as to how high the bullets are going, they are not accurate after that.

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Sentinels Upcoming Matches

Sentinals have not been performing pretty well in their past matches. But with the addition of Shroud and Zellsis, we are defiantly looking forward to watching them live. Sentinels will play in the upcoming NA LCQ aka Last Chance Qualifiers, starting on August 2nd.

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