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Sentinels join the “Tenz and friends” gang after stats show that they cant win without their Key player fragging

Tanmaiy Reddy


Seems like Sentinels are Tenz and Friends part 2, as they follow the trend of Cloud9. Where if Tenz frags they win the match.

Sentinels are undoubtedly considered to be one of the best teams in the world. But it seems that their charm is wearing off by taking a look at their recent performance. Sentinels were one of the first teams to be eliminated from the NA playoffs.

After this loss, VCT 2022 Masters 1 will be the first international event that Sentinels won’t attend. However, now they have a lot of time on their hands to build what they lost.

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Sentinels AKA Tenz and Friends Part 2

The whole Tenz and friends started with Cloud 9 Blue’s initial roster, where C9 only performed when Tenz top fragged. And this became a meme for a long time. But after Tenz left C9 to join Sentinels, the meme kind of dialed down. However, it looks like Sentinels are trying to bring it back.

As the above stats by Matt Liu show Sentinels have lost 10 out of the 12 maps in which Tenz has not played well(i.e. get an ACS > 275). But at the same time if we take a look at the overall stats Sen has lost a total of 9 games out of 48 matches after Tenz joined.

This seems to show that Sentinals might not have a lot of games However, the pain point is that the matches that they have lost were the critical ones.

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But now that they have a lot of time on their hands hopefully they will bounce back, and we will get to them by the kings they are.

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