‘That’s F**king Horrible’ – Sentinels Shahzam and Valorant Twitter Reacts NA LCQ Server Lag

Tanmaiy Reddy
|Published 13/10/2021

Valorant NA LCQ advertised to be a lan event turns out to be an Online event hosted on a remote virtual server.
VCT NA LCQ started yesterday on the 12th of October. For which all the participating team members and staff gathered in LA for NA LCQ. The announced lan event ends up being an Online Lan event, where all the players were playing in a studio the game servers were online.
The servers being online results in a huge deal of server lag for the players as well as the viewers. The biggest issue was when a server lag ended up costing a round loss for Luminosity gaming against XSET.

Server LAG which cost Luminosity their series

The Valorant NA LCQ broadcast started with a few technical difficulties since the beginning. But the major issue occurred in the 2nd map of the best of 3 series between Luminosity gaming and XSET.
Where Luminosity Aproto was in a 1v2 clutch situation and timed himself to win the round. But wasn’t able to execute because of server lag. And as the server lag was a technical issue from the valorant side, the round was reset and played again.

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Valorants’ response to NA LCQ server lag

After the server lag occurred valorant posted a statement saying “the main idea behind NA LCQ was a lan event, but due to Covid protocols they made the decision to shift to a remote virtual server”.
The issues posted by server lag were not only faced by Luminosity and XSET but to every single team which was competing on day 1 of Valorant NA LCQ.

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