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TSM vs 100 Thieves: TSM beat 100 Thieves in the Open Qualifiers Round of 16 for NA VCT Stage 2 Challengers

Yuvansh Ruia

The Open Qualifiers for NA VCT Stage 2 Challengers have started where we see TSM vs 100 Thieves in the Open Qualifiers.

The Open Qualifiers are going on in full force. From new teams looking to prove themselves to old organisations getting back on top. Recently 100 Thieves and TSM went against each other. Both organisations have fallen from the top very suddenly in VALORANT eSports. Since TSM failed to qualify for NA Stage 1 Challengers and 100T finished at the bottom of the table.

It has been a long and tiring journey for both organisations but we see a new roster on both sides. Will both these tams qualify for the Main Event? Let’s take a look at TSM vs 100 Thieves.

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100 Thieves vs TSM

Map 1: Split

Split was an utter show of dominance from 100 Thieves. Derrek was easily the MVP of this match as he dropped 23/7 while playing Sage. 100 Thieves looked prepared for this map and only lost three rounds and won the match 13-3. TSM’s double Initiator comp did not work for them on Split.


Map 2: Ascent

Ascent started off really good in the favour of TSM. They won 9 of the first 12 rounds on attack with Subroza showing his masterclass with Omen. But the 9-3 curse felt very real as in the second half 100 Thieves were showing signs of a comeback but TSM eventually closed the map with a 13-11 victory.

Map 3: Breeze

On Breeze TSM clearly overpowered 100 Thieves after a flawless 13-2 victory. TSM’s new member Corey popped off for 17/6 while playing Jett. 100Thieves really switched up their agent comp and they looked under-prepared. TSM’s roster looked confident after their victory on Ascent.

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