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Valorant 3.10 Update Time : When will Valorant 3.10 Patch Release, What will be the Upcoming changes

Tanmaiy Reddy

Valorant 3.10 Update Time : When will Valorant 3.10 Patch Release, What will be the Upcoming changes

Valorant 3.10 Patch notes introduce us to the new agent, a new rank mode, agent profiles, a new bundle, and much more.

Valorant’s current patch 3.09, was mainly focused on Riot’s Arcane, with Arcane’s Free Pass and the Arcane Collector set Bundle. Without any major updates or changes coming to the game except the Classic nerf(Classic is still op btw).

But Valorant’s 3.10 is full of content as we will get to see many updates. Starting with the New Agent “Chamber”, a new tournament rank mode, and also the new Magepunk 2.0 bundle, and much more.

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Valorant 3.10 Patch Notes

Chamber Via Valorant
Chamber Via Valorant

Introducing Chamber

Chamber is the new agent joining the Valorant team. He plays the role of a sentinel and brings his own weapon to the playground. He has turned out to be one of the most awaited agents to date.

His Abilities are:

  1. Trademark: Place a trap that scans for enemies. When a visible enemy comes in range, the trap counts down and then destabilizes the terrain around them, creating a lingering field that slows players caught inside of it.
  2. Headhunter: ACTIVATE to equip a heavy pistol. ALT FIRE with the pistol equipped to aim down sights.
  3. Rendezvous: PLACE two teleport anchors. While on the ground and in range of an anchor, REACTIVATE to quickly teleport to the other anchor. Anchors can be picked up to be REDEPLOYED.
  4. Tour de Force: ACTIVATE to summon a powerful, custom sniper rifle that will kill an enemy with any direct hit. Killing an enemy creates a lingering field that slows players caught inside of it.

Valorant tournament mode

Rank Tournament Mode

Rank-specific tournament mode, where players from each rank will be able to create their own teams and participate in matches. There has been no official confirmation that this mode will be released in the upcoming patch however, leaks tend to say that it might.

Agent Profiles

Agent Profiles are profiles where a player can save different key-binds for different agents. Specifically, if you are a player who likes to play with a different set of keybinds for each agent you are in luck.

Magepunk 2.0 Skin Bundle

We might have the chance to see Magepunk 2.0 as the next skin bundle following the fact that Magpunk was such a success. Leaks show that this skin is to contain the following weapons in the bundle:

  1. Melee
  2. Sheriff
  3. Vandal
  4. Guardian
  5. Operator

However, only the operator is sure to be in the bundle, the rest are based on previous skins.

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3.10 Release Date And Time For Specific Regions

Patch 3.10 is to follow the default release time which Riot Games have been following for some time. Release Time for each Region is :

  • North America: 16th November 12.30 Pm PT
  • Europe: 16th November 09.00 Pm GMT
  • SEA: 17th November 02.30 AM IST
  • Japan: 17th November 06.00 AM JST

However, Riot Games could end up changing the timing based on their patch compatibility, or if they end up facing any issues.

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