Valorant Flashback: How to check your Valorant stats for the year 2021

Tanmaiy Reddy
|Published January 30, 2022

Take a look at how and where to look for your Valorant Flashback, the summary of your performance for the year 2021.

Here is how Valorant is always one step ahead of all the other games. You may have seen a Spotify Wrapped, a summary of your tastes for a year, or the Twitch review about who you supported all year.

But none of that matters in front of the Valorant Flashback. The whole statistical summary of your performance in Valorant for the year 2021. Here is how to check your own Valorant summary.

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Valorant Flashback

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The Valorant Flashback got sent out today after a month of wait. Which consists of stats such as Damage dealt, KDA, Headshots, your 2020 performance vs 2021 performance, MINC stats, and your frequent teammates.

Here is how to look for your own Valorant Flashback:

Step 1: Open your registered email which is linked to your account.
Step-2: Go to the promotions tab
Step 3: There you should see an email for valorant with the subject “See how you stacked up last year
Step-4: Click on it, and then all you have to do is enjoy and shart your stats if you want to.

However, if you still haven’t received your Valorant Flashback. Just wait for a little as it may take some time for some accounts stats to go out. In the meantime check if you are eligible to receive your Flashback:

Step 1: Go to the Valorant Account management site and log in
Step-2: The last tab on the management page should be “Communication Preferences”, click on it
Step 3: Make sure that “Communication from Riot Games” is checked

Valorant Communication

If it’s not I’m sorry to say this but you will not receive 2021’s Valorant Flashback. However, you can enable it and receive all future flashbacks.

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