Valorant Neon Abilities and Visuals : Valorant’s new agent ultimate ability looks insane showcasing combination of Jett’s knives and a sprint/ slide combo

Tanmaiy Reddy
|Published 05/01/2022

Valorant Neon Abilities and Visuals : Lets us welcome the new agent joining the agent’s list Valorant Neon, whose abilities just seem out of this world.

With Valorant’s new Episode dropping in a week, we got the chance to see the Upcoming agent. Agent 19 is being teased by Valorant for a while now, and today Riot developers decided to release her first official trailer. Let me introduce you to Neon, the new agent coming to valorant queues near you. She is a Manila-born spark friendly and seems to be a friend of the flash.

Looking at her trailer she looks deadly, and a lot of fun to play in-game. But before you go on thinking about how we are going to troll our friends. Let us dive into her abilities.

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Valorant Neon Abilities

Similar to all agents, Neon has 4 sets of unique abilities, which are as follows.

Q – Spark Tunnel(not the official name)

Her Q ability is a software upgrade to Phoenix’s Blaze also known as the Flame wall. Neons ability is that she creates a spark tunnel which causes slight damage to people who cross it.

C – Stun/Concussion Nade

Neon has a stun/concussion grenade that bounces off walls. W still don’t have much information about this but if it’s similar to KAY/O’s grenade, but instead of causing damage it stuns the enemy.

E – Sprint and Slide

We still haven’t received any official name for her passive ability yet. However, we do know that after using her passive ability Neos has the power to spring and slide for a certain amount of time.

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X – Ultimate Ability

The only word we can use for her ultimate is “insane”, but deadly. Her ability seems to be a combination of Jett’s knives and a sprint/ slide combo. However, Riot wouldn’t develop an overpowered character(cough), they surely added some limitations.

Overall Neon seems like a fun addition to the game, and a nuisance for the enemy team. However, do remember one thing:

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