Valorant Twitch Drops: How to claim your own Twitch Drops for Valorant Champions 2021?

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|Published November 24, 2021

Valorant Twitch drops have been a thing since the beta stage for Valorant. As Riot lines up new rewards, we help you to claim the drops.

Twitch found immense traction during the pandemic. So much that, Bezos wanted to own the very business. Eventually, in late 2020, Twitch and Amazon joined hands for Prime Gaming, under one insignia.

This makes the collaboration profitable for both. The reward count is steadily increasing both in the number of games and as new ones are being added.

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More importantly, we need to focus on how to claim the free ones. Undermentioned is everything you need to know to claim your new collectable.

Twitch has been providing drops for gamers since 2013, both Free and through Prime.

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Twitch has been at the forefront to bring the media business to the limelight. Gone are the days of TV and waiting for shows on Prime Time.

If you are new to Valorant, you need to first create a Riot Account. Do check your region for the account. Ping and latency matter quite a lot in this game.

Once you have your Riot Account setup, you should create a Twitch account. Once the accounts have been activated, link them both on your Twitch profile.

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Prime Gaming is also recommended. But, since everyone would not have that privilege, we will continue with only free ones.

Once you link your accounts, there is not much else to do. You need to go watch Valorant streams.

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What to watch out for during Valorant Streams?

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One should look out for the label, “Twitch Drops Enabled“. Watching streams without the said tag won’t provide you any rewards.

Both Official and unofficial ones will provide rewards. All you need to mind is the inclusion of the “Twitch drops enabled” tag in the title.

Both Riot and Twitch is pushing the boundaries since early 2020. For their achievements, Riot is recognised as the best “Esports Game Publisher of the Year” 2021.

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With the rise of the Valorant Champions, we are just getting a glimpse. As a result, it might all be a primer for something grander.

Hence, we eagerly await the Valorant Champions Tour. Because the first impression, is always important.

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