How to fix lag and stuttering error in Warzone 2?

Aaryanshi Mohan
|Published November 20, 2022

The latest game from the Call of Duty franchise, Warzone 2 went live a few days back. While the players had a lot of expectations from the game, they are also faced with bugs and glitches. The problem seems to be the amount of lag and stuttering fans are facing in the game. Players have also been calling out the developers and publishers for not ironing out the bugs before the game’s launch.

Here are the possible reasons and solutions to fix the lag and stutter in Warzone 2.

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How to fix lag and stuttering errors in Warzone 2?

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Stuttering and lag have become frequent in Warzone 2 and players are constantly looking for ways to fix them. The lag not only creates an issue while trying to aim but is also a hindrance when trying to tackle enemies in active combat. Here are ways to fix lag and stuttering in Warzone 2:


While it might sound juvenile, it is always suggested to restart the game since it combats any kind of errors the game might have faced while starting. If that doesn’t work, players should restart their console or PC. This could fix any short-term problems.

Repair files

There is a possibility that during installation, some files were corrupted. Players should scan and then repair the corrupted files. This might help them repair any of the affected files that could be causing the constant lag and stutter in the game. To start the fixing process, they should visit and Steam and choose the scan and repair option to start the process.

If there is a corrupt file, it will automatically locate and repair it so that the game runs smoothly.

Upgrade or update graphic drivers

One of the other reasons why players are facing an issue in the game could be the graphics card. There is a possibility that players are using low-end graphic cards. They might have to upgrade to a more powerful one. If the players are using the required graphics driver, then they will have to update it to the latest version so that it is optimized for the game. This can be done manually from the drivers’ website.

Check internet

This could be the last thing that players have to do if everything is in place. If the internet connection is slow, the game could not get optimum connectivity because of which lag and stuttering could take place.

If this lag isn’t fixed, then players will have to wait for a patch update to come which could fix this issue.

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