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What Does the Sniffer Do In Minecraft? A Guide to the Latest Minecraft Mob

Adnan Juzar Kachwala

What Does the Sniffer Do In Minecraft? A Guide to the Latest Minecraft Mob

There was a Minecraft mob vote in 2022 that involved the most colorful of mobs. Sniffer was the winner of the vote and will make its way in the coming updates. To get an idea of what the mob does and why it is important to the player, we will take a look at what it does.

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What is Sniffer and What does it do in Minecraft?

Sniffer is the winner of the Mob Vote in 2022 and is the newest mob in the game. The mob vote took place not through Twitter but through various platforms of the game. This is a new way in which Mojang will continue to take the help of the community to introduce new content. This is not the first time people have taken a mob vote. The community this year had a choice between the Rascal, the Tuff Golem, and Sniffer.

Sniffer loves plants and as the name indicates, its job is to search for plants and seeds. Most of the community wanted the mob to be the new one since it had more than 50% of the votes. This mob will not attack the players as it is a passive mob. It will keep sniffing around, trying to find mobs for players. However, it cannot be tamed. They will also seek the player’s help to grow the plants that it loves. Currently, it can dig up plants called the TorchFlower.

However, that will expand in the game as newer content comes around. Mojang also teased lots of ancient seeds but we are yet to find out what Mojang will do with them. The Sniffer is only available for beta versions and snapshots. The next major update of the game is set to release in Spring so Sniffer will go live then. For beta players, it is possible to get eggs for Sniffer and hatch them to get the mob.

The Sniffer will also be a huge part of the Archeology update. Players can obtain their eggs by digging and finding them through Archeology. Players will need to hatch the egg, which grows into a Snifflet then a Sniffer. There is no official detail of how this will happen but we will soon find out as Mojang continues to update us.

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