What if footballers were Pokemons ?

Siddharth Nair
|Published July 20, 2016

The Pokemon rage has come back with a bang! Here we look at some players if the footballers were Pokemon!

5) Kurt Zuma as Zubat


Zubat is one of the most under rated Pokemon of all time. Always handy in a battle with some powerful super sonic moves, Zubat would never shy away from a battle. A similar case can be made for Kurt Zuma.

Zuma was one of the few players who could say that they had a decent season last year at Chelsea. Unfortunately his injury curtailed his season which was shaping up to be a pretty good one.

4) Marouane Fellaini as Marowak


Marowak is one of the toughest ground Pokemon there is right now. A popular Pokecard player, his ground attacks and temperamental nature gave him a huge fan following during the initial Pokemon rage.

Fellaini was a great player at Everton. Unfortunately for him, his time at Old Trafford has not gone according to plan. He is now on his last chance with Mourinho at the helm, while some may feel that he does not deserve even that.

3) Robin Van Perise as Horsea


A water Pokemon, Horsea is known for his smooth skills and classy attacking moves. These adjectives could also be used for Robin Van Persie.

Van Persie may not be the player he was a few years ago, but what a player he was ! His time in England was often punctuated by brilliance and super strikes. His sensational technique and awesome goals made him a Premier league legend if there ever was one.

2) Joe Lescott as Jolteon


Jolteon is a super electric Pokemon who is a favorite among fans. His quick speed and lightning strikes make him a unique and very tough opponent to have.

While Lescott is not quick right now, in his prime he was one of the best defenders in England. His calmness under pressure and smooth passing made him a great defender and gave Man City a great defensive partnership with Kompany.

1) Martin Skirtel as Squirtle


One of the most loved Pokemons of all time, Squirtle is one of Ash’s most trusted Pokemons. His water power and cannon strikes make him a very tough opposition to have.

Skirtel may be on his last leg at Liverpool but the Anfield faithful will remember him as a warrior who has often put his body on the line for the team. His brave goals under pressure and leadership skills make him one of Liverpool’s best defenders in recent times.

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