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What is Unus Annus & Memento Mori? Markiplier & CrankGameplays’ greatest YouTube experiment of all time.

Arnab Mukherjee

What is Unus Annus & Memento Mori? Markiplier & CrankGameplays' greatest YouTube experiment of all time.

What is Unus Annus & Memento Mori you’re wondering? Here’s all you need to know about this unique adventure by CrankGameplays & Markiplier!

Approx 368 days ago, that’s right a leap year & 2 days, Youtubers Mark & Ethan along with help from Amy Nelson, made a channel. It was known as Unus Annus, which is Greek for “one year”. Right so, what was so special about the channel?

Unus Annus: A unique concept.

Unus Annus was not just any other ordinary channel out there, however. I mean for starters, it was made by Markiplier & CrankGameplays, 2 reputed channels in content creation. Secondly, and this is more important, what drove it was perhaps the most unique concept in the history of YouTube. The idea was simple.

Mark & Ethan, on this channel, would let their creative sides go berserk and exercise complete freedom, which they could not do on their main channel. In other words, they’d do the craziest, most experimental, most untried & untested stuff out there! They’d upload exactly one video every single day. However, there was a catch. The channel, true to its name, would only be up for exactly one year. After that they’d delete all videos, disable the merch store & take all social media handle down for the channel. In short, they’d try to obliviate it. But why?

Memento Mori: A unique landmark.

The question that drove the channel was pretty simple – “what would you do if you only had one year?”. So, the channel was in many ways a celebration of carefree living and staying in the moment.

Needless to say, it was a major success. The content ranged from crazy to the craziest – Ethan & Mark even had a video where they painted each other nude! Anyway, we’ll keep info about their videos limited in order to honour the philosophy. Let’s just put it this way. At the time of its termination on 13th Nov, it had 4 million+ subs. And the live stream where Mark, Ethan & Amy deleted the channel, gathered 1.5 million concurrent viewers!

It was, as many of the fans called it, the greatest project on YouTube.

The Community’s & Creators’ reaction.

In a video that Markiplier uploaded moments ago, he opened up once again about the idea & the cause. About 3 years ago, he was exhausted and felt that he had run out of gas. However, then Mark had a spark and that’s when everything changed.

This is probably the first time that someone has wiped a channel with so much quality content from existence. But, in response to many fans grieving over this, Mark said that “that was the point!“. The grief, the emotion you feel when something beautiful is gone helps enjoy it even more. For Mark personally, much like his fans, it was a grand moment, one of great satisfaction.

Major fellow Youtubers like JackSepticeye & Big Moist also appreciated the wonderful project & the unique thought.

You can catch Moist’s reactions above. Mark also hinted at some major projects they’ve got waiting in the background. So, get ready for some more amazing stuff!

Oh, and before we end, we advise anyone that attempts to re-upload Unus Annus clips from not doing so. The Unus Annus team is strict about it & will strike off your content if you do not honour their philosophy. So, let’s respect the thought.

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