$80 Million Worth John Cena Recalls Eating Free Pizza to Save $50 Before Joining WWE!

Yasser Ayaz
|Published 06/10/2022

Years-old video shows John Cena, a man worth millions, sharing how he ate free Pizza to save 50 bucks during his hardships.

WWE Icon-turned-Hollywood star, John Cena, is a living example of dreams won’t work unless you do. He is a multi-time WWE champion, a successful actor, and a producer. The man has earned money, fame, and respect across the globe. But, life wasn’t always as good as it is right now for the Cenation Leader. From driving a limousine to surviving on free Pizza, he has done it all.

In his 2017 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, John Cena gave his fans a look at what his teenage life was like. The host asked Cena about how he managed his whole day with just $50. The Peacemaker star shared the trick he used to save money.

John Cena says he once ate free pizzas to save the only $50 he had

The 45-year-old megastar recalled his younger days when he was desperate for a job and had almost no money. He stated that there was a pizza place nearby that had a special offer. The one who finished their deep-dish pizza was charged with no money. In fact, shop owners would put the name of that person on the wall.

So, when John Cena, who had only $50 in his pocket, thought to save some money. He went there, ate the whole pizza, and did the same the next day.

Cena recalled the owner, who was running out of pizza, having a chat with him. He smartly gave John Cena a new offer that said he can have a free slice every day. He just wanted him to stop eating a whole pizza again.

The Wrestler turned-actor is currently worth more than $80 Million

The Cenation Leader may have done some funny things just to save a few bucks, he is making millions today. In WWE, he was the top-paid superstar during his prime years.

Even after being a part-timer, John Cena is worth even more now after starring in multi-million dollar projects with big Hollywood production houses like Warner Brothers. During the second quarter of this year, his net worth was estimated more than $80 Million.

Although that has lessened his appearances in WWE, the 45-year-old is doing an outstanding job on the silver screen.

However, the former multi-time world champion is rumored to appear at the next Wrestlemania that will be hosted at the So Fi Stadium. 

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