“I May Su*k but You’re Just Worse” – Kurt Angle Recalls His Hilarious Rap Battle With John Cena

Yasser Ayaz
|Published October 03, 2022

WWE Hall of Famer Medalist Kurt Angle goes down memory lane and shares a nostalgic video with The Cenation Leader, John Cena.

The in-ring tales of Kurt Angle and John Cena go way back to the early 2000s. Cena made his WWE debut against the Olympian on an episode of SmackDown in 2002. The ruthless rivalry between the two is one of the most memorable storylines in WWE history.

Between 2002 and 2005, the Doctor of Thuganomics and the Olympian delivered many great matches. Also, the two pros of the ring were engaged in many wars of words during that time.

One such moment took place in 2003 when Kurt Angle went for a rap battle with the Doctor of Thuganomics. In fact, the humorous segment was so good that it is considered one of the best parts of their feud.

Almost 2-decades later, the Hall of Famer has taken a trip to his old days and recalled his famous segment with The Cenation Leader.

Kurt Angle takes to Twitter and shares his ‘Oldie but a goodie!’ clip with John Cena 

It’s a well-recorded fact that The Olympic Gold Medalist admires the success of John Cena as he debuted against him. So and so that he wanted to wrestle his last WWE match in 2019. But, unfortunately, that could not happen.

Recalling one of the best moments of his feud with Cena, Angle shared a clip of his famous 2003 rap battle with the 16-time world champion. The Video clip shows Angle channeling his inner Dr. of Thuganomics and dissing Cena with his rap. Kurt Angle can be seen dancing and teasing Cena with a referee doing beatboxing.

Angle took to Twitter and posted the video with a caption that says, “An oldie but a goodie!!!”

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Well, since Kurt Angle is in talks with WWE and Cena is rumored for Wrestlemania 39, the two men can come to face to face if the company wants.

The Olympic Gold Medalist could be returning to WWE soon

Kurt Angle retired from WWE in 2019 after wrestling his last match against Baron Corbin at Wrestlemania 35. Although he wanted to face Cena, that could not happen due to John Cena’s busy Hollywood schedule.

Since then, the Hall of Famer has been more than happy to make occasional TV appearances whenever WWE wants him. One of them was his last month’s appearance where he was involved in a funny segment with Edge backstage.

Anyway, the Olympic Gold Medalist has been approached by the WWE management for a non-wrestling role. What’s more interesting is that Angle will be involved in Wrestlemania 39 in some capacity. As of now, what exactly he will be doing at next year’s Show of Shows, is not known. Though, Kurt Angle has confirmed that he won’t be wrestling in the ring.

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