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After Roman Reigns, Triple H May Crown This WWE Superstar the Next World Champion – “They All Love Him”

Rishabh Singh

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Gunther is, without a question, WWE’s next main-event talent. Earlier, The Intercontinental Champion was rumored to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 39 after their intense face-to-face confrontation at the Royal Rumble. However, Brock is reportedly being pitted against Omos at the grandest stage. As to Gunther, Drew McIntyre has his sights set on the coveted IC Championship and will likely pursue it. The former WWE Champion will most likely face the Ring General at the show of shows. 

Gunther’s increasingly growing popularity has made him a fan favorite over the years. The ironman of the men’s Royal Rumble match has established himself as a potential talent to have a world title run. The leader of the Imperium has irrefutably earned his position and may be pushed up the card very soon. 

Gunther may win the World Title in months to come

It’s no secret that WWE’s Chief Content Officer, Triple H, has taken a shine to Gunther. According to WrestleVotes, Triple H has special plans in place to push Gunther as a main-event talent very soon. The IC Champion is admired for his toughness and old-fashioned attitude in the ring. Besides Triple H, the Austrian wrestler has support from Road Dogg and Jason Jordan. 

If the 35-year-old defeats Drew McIntyre, who is a former WWE Champion, there won’t be anything in his way from ascending to the top. If the rumored title split takes place, Gunther will most definitely be in the running to chase it. Wrestlevotes also noted that the European wrestler is expected to rise to the top, most likely win a World title, by the summer. 

Gunther attributes his stellar Royal Rumble match performance to his weight loss

The Ring General has palpably shed a lot of weight since his stint in NXT UK. Although Gunther is just as dominant as he was in NXT, he feels it is easier for him to move in the ring having shed weight. Speaking on After The Bell with Corey Graves, the IC Champ revealed that his weight loss helped him become the ironman of the Royal Rumble match.

It’s worth noting that Gunther made history by lasting in the ring for 71 minutes starting at number 1 before being eliminated by Cody Rhodes. According to him, even when he was at his heaviest, he never had trouble with stamina in the ring, however, losing weight made it a lot easier. 

“I always used to be, even when I was heaviest, I got to say, I never got an issue with stamina. I had really long matches before. But, I got to say, it is still a lot easier now than it used to be.”

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