“Can You Teach Me How to Get Fired?” – Mustafa Ali Roasts Braun Strowman for His Recent Remark About Lightweight Wrestlers

Yasser Ayaz
|Published 07/11/2022

Braun Strowman recently got into controversy for making an unnecessary social media post. Following his Crown Jewel win, the Monster of all Monsters mocked lightweight wrestlers through a Twitter post. Many wrestlers took offense to that as stars like Chris Jericho, Ricochet, and Will Ospreay replied to the Tweet. Now, “The Heart of 205 Live” Mustafa Ali has also expressed his disagreement with Braun Strowman.

In the Tweet, the former Universal Champion praised himself and Omos for their Saudi Arabia match. He then indirectly took shots at Dave Meltzer’s rating and teased wrestlers who are small in size.

However, reacting to Strowman’s comments, Mustafa Ali fired shots at The Monster of all Monsters.

“Can you teach me how to get fired?” – Mustafa Ali mocks Braun Strowman

The Hear of 205 Live took to his Twitter account, tagged the former Universal Champion, and teased him for getting fired. Mustafa Ali asked Braun Strowman to teach him how to get fired. He wrote:

“Can you [Braun Strowman] teach me how to get fired?”

The digital fight did not end just there, Strowman fired back at Ali and commented:

“Don’t you [Mustafa Ali] work in catering?”

Despite both men sharing the same locker room, neither one backed out of the war of words. Mustafa Ali replied again and trolled Braun Strowman for the “catering” remarks. Ali sarcastically stated he was in the kitchen cooking The Monster of all Monsters. He tweeted:

“Was definitely in the kitchen cooking you [Braun Strowman].”

This isn’t the first time Braun Strowman has gotten into a verbal war with his fellow wrestlers. During the pandemic, The Monster of all Monsters slammed Indie Stars for asking for help from other promotions.

However, this time, he has gotten into an ugly fight with a superstar of his own company. It seems the beef between Braun Strowman and Mustafa Ali has gotten real, and certainly, is far from over.

Braun Strowman explained his controversial statement through another Tweet

After receiving a lot of criticism, The Monster of all Monsters made another Twitter post where he explained his earlier remarks. Braun Strowman called out his locker room partners and stated he had mad respect for everyone. Acknowledging their hard work, he noted everyone is in the business for a reason. Strowman then asked the IWC to take his Tweet as a joke. He wrote:

Although he explained his remarks, there was no apology from The Monster of all Monsters. Moreover, his attitude gave the impression that he was not regretting what he said.

Nevertheless, the ‘Flippy Flipper’ community has not taken Braun Strowman’s joke very kindly. And by the looks of it, more Tweets and superstars are going to get involved in the controversy.

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