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CM Punk makes an eye-popping $3million a year!: What is CM Punk’s Net Worth in 2022?

Rishabh Singh

CM Punk Net Worth 2022

What is the net worth of Former WWE Champion and current AEW Superstar CM Punk in 2022 and how much does he make annually?

Former WWE superstar CM Punk spurs his existing enormous wealth with a profitable return to pro wrestling. Punk has been paid handsomely in all of his ventures and it is no different with AEW where he earns a fortune.

After leaving WWE to pursue a career in the field of mixed martial arts, CM Punk was hyped by the UFC president Dana White because of his personality and fan following in the WWE.

His career in MMA was a long shot because of his inexperience. Despite having failed as a ‘fighter’ in the UFC, Punk still made big bucks from his two fights in the octagon. In his first fight against Mickey Gall, Punk made a whopping $502,500. His second fight against Micheal Jackson earned him $1000 more making it a total of $503,500. 

How High is CM Punk’s asking price in AEW?

Punk’s short career in the UFC with no wins led to his comeback into professional wrestling. However, Punk did not return to the WWE because of personal issues with the higher-ups of the company. According to Fight Fans, AEW signed CM Punk on a lucrative contract of $3million a year for the next three years.

CM punk made his debut in the AEW in August 2021. Since then Punk has clashed with stars like MJF, Darby Allin, Eddie Kingston, Brian Danielson, and more. 

With a net worth of around $15million in 2022, CM Punk has become a richer man than he used to be thanks to his multiple sources of income like pro wrestling and other endorsements. Besides wrestling, Punk also did 2 movies namely, “Girl on the Third floor” and “Rabid”. 

Although his other ventures didn’t prove to be very fruitful, Punk still made a ridiculous amount of money from them.

His return to the ring in AEW made the fans emotional as it was a long-awaited return. Known for his music ‘Cult of Personality and intense pipebombs, Punk is back doing what he does best.

“The Best in the World” had a heart-warming speech for the fans on the night he made his return to the ring after 7-long years.

He said: “I’m back for you. And I’m not gonna lie, I’m back for me too.

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