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“Did Amber Heard teach you that?” – Twitter user asks WWE Superstar Paige to end her life; Gets account suspended

Yasser Ayaz
|Wed Jun 01 2022

A user was recently suspended by Twitter who asked Paige to take her life for a joke she made on Amber Heard.

WWE’s first NXT woman’s champion, Paige, is getting a lot of attention for her recent joke on Amber Heard. The joke referred to one of the photos shared during the ongoing trial between Amber and Depp. Saraya a.k.a Paige took to Twitter and joked about how the ‘Aquaman’ star dropped duce in bed.

Later, the former WWE star deleted the tweet blaming the Amber Bots for attacking her on the microblogging site. Now, Twitter suspended a user for making a harsh comment on Paige’s tweet.

A Twitter user asks Paige to kill herself; gets suspended for the comment

Although Paige’s tweet was just a joke, it seemed Amber Heard’s fans took that too personally. One of the users, probably Amber’s fan, commented and asked Paige to end her life. The user tried to sidestep the Twitter censors by using ”ky$’, which means Kill Yourself.

The comment was unacceptable and therefore didn’t go well with the Former WWE Divas Champion. Paige replied to that comment and asked the fan whether Amber Heard taught him to talk like that. Paige stated:

That’s cute. Did Amber teach you that?”

Moreover, the user also got heavily reported by Paige’s fans which eventually led to the suspension of that account. The user got what he deserved. Twitter suspended the account for violating its terms and services.

Even though all this has no link to the ongoing Amber-Depp trial, this isn’t a way to show agreement or disagreement on something. 

WWE adds Paige to their ‘Current Superstars’ section

Paige has been out of in-ring action for almost four years now. Back in December 2017, the first-ever NXT woman’s champ sorrowed a neck injury while facing Sasha Banks at a house show. Therefore, Paige had to retire from the in-ring competition. Since then, the former 2-time Divas champion has only performed in non-wrestling roles in WWE. Paige also served as the General Manager of WWE’s Blue Brand back in 2018. 

But now, Paige has been cleared to wrestle, which means she can make a comeback. Even Paige has expressed her desire to make a return. As of now, there has been no clarification from either WWE or Paige regarding a comeback. But, rumors are circulating. Even WWE’s Judgement day leader Edge posted a photo of Paige recently.

But the noteworthy thing that WWE recently did was add Paige to the current superstar’s column on their website. Fans are speculating that WWE might be secretly hinting toward the return of Paige. 

Now that Paige has fully recovered and is ready to go, fans might soon see the Former Absolution Member back in the WWE ring.

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