“Disappointed to see all you jabronis celebrating” – WWE Hall of Famer slams fans for trolling Vince McMahon’s retirement

Yasser Ayaz
|Published 14/08/2022

Former WWE superstar Gerald Brisco recently took to social media and lashed out at fans for relishing Vince McMahon’s retirement.

Vincent Kennedy McMahon, the biggest man in pro wrestling history, shook everyone when he announced his retirement on 23rd July. Vince took to Twitter to share that he will be retiring from WWE. But, it turns out some fans on social media are enjoying the departure of the 76-year-old pro wrestling tycoon. 

However, former WWF Hardcore Champion Gerald Brisco came out in defense and lashed out his anger at the fans for such behavior. Brisco is well known for playing the role of Mr. McMahon’s onscreen “stooge” along with Pat Patterson during the end of the 1990s.

Brisco posts an angry tweet and supports his old friend, Vince McMahon

The Hall of Famer is considered one of Vince McMahon’s close ones as he has worked in WWE for more than three decades. In fact, Brisco has openly expressed his bonding with McMahon in the past. The former star once revealed that Vince used to check on him even after his release from the company. So, when the former Stooge saw fans trolling his former boss and celebrating his exit, he fired back.

Gerald Brisco took to Twitter to express his disappointment with the way Vince McMahon’s retirement was treated by some users. He even called them jabronis and wrote that it was Vince, who provided them with entertainment while growing up.

Supporting his former boss, Brisco noted if Mr. McMahon never existed, the trolls would have been living more sad lives than they already are. He expressed all his rage in one tweet and wrote:

Well, the former CEO might have made some silly booking decisions, he must be appreciated for how he changed the landscape of pro wrestling. 

Meanwhile, WWE will now be working under two CEOs, Stephanie McMahon, and Nick Khan. It would be interesting to see how the company approaches further under their management.

Stephanie McMahon announces Vince McMahon’s retirement on SmackDown Live

The recent edition of SmackDown Live saw the New CEO, Stephanie McMahon kicking off the show. She talked about Vince McMahon’s departure and expressed how thankful the McMahon family was to the WWE Universe. However, the live crowd interrupted her and started a “Thank you Vince” chant. The segment ended with Stephanie and the audience appreciating the former CEO for all he has done for WWE.

Nevertheless, Vince McMahon is finally retired and won’t be making any backstage decisions. However, he still holds a fair share in the company’s stocks, which means he still owns WWE in some way. Let’s see, whether the 76-year-old features in an onscreen storyline in the future or not. Who knows, maybe as manager of his so-called protege, Theory.

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