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Former WWE superstar congratualtes his old rival CM Punk on winning the AEW World Championship

Rishabh Singh

Alberto Del Rio Congratulates CM Punk on winning the AEW World Championship

CM Punk’s winning the AEW World Championship got him a congratulatory tweet from an old rival from the WWE.

CM Punk’s win over Hangman Adam Page on Sunday Night’s  PPV event of Double or Nothing for the AEW World Championship has sparked off a heavy reaction. This marks Punk’s first world title in 9 years. His triumph got him praise from his old WWE rival, Alberto Del Rio. Not long after he defeated Hangman Adam Page in the T mobile arena, Del Rio tweeted a congratulatory comment with clapping hands emojis. 


On-screen, Del Rio has been one of Punk’s biggest rivals but in real life, they have a friendship of mutual respect. 

Last year in September, Del Rio expressed how crucial it was for Punk to join AEW for the betterment of the pro wrestling business. 

In an interview with Sportskeeda Del Rio said,

“It’s awesome! I know the fans are thrilled that CM Punk is back,I consider CM Punk a friend, and I know he considers me a friend. We had to leave the business or the company where we used to work for whatever reasons. But I’m happy he’s back doing what he loves the most because he’s one of those wrestlers who started in this business for the love and passion, for the business. Not so much for being rich or for being famous, he started in this business because he was in love with (wrestling) since the first time he went to a wrestling show.”

Alberto said he’s friends with Punk in real life

Punk and Del Rio have had a series of iconic matches in the WWE during their stint. Del Rio was defeated by Punk at the 2011 “Survivor Series”. This win started Punk’s reign as the champion for 434-days. 

Alberto has spoken profoundly about Punk to Sportkeeda. He admitted that they are close friends both inside and outside the business of pro wrestling.

CM Punk left WWE in 2014 and went on a 7-year hiatus to try his hand at MMA. Interestingly, Both CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio have experience in the field of mixed martial arts though, Punk’s career wasn’t impressive. Delrio on the other hand built a record of 9 wins and 6 losses.

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