Hulk Hogan claims he was making $10 million during his peak in WWE

Ajay Morab
|Published May 16, 2022

Hulk Hogan leads a king-size life. Let us understand the net worth of the legendary WWE wrestler as mentioned by him in his biography.

Hulk Hogan is a household name among the fans of professional wrestling. The Hulkster is been active in the arena of wrestling for the past four decades. The personality and aura of Hogan are at such a supreme level that the wrestler is paid the highest respect even by his opponents. Many budding wrestlers of WWE and other professional wrestling companies consider Hulk Hogan as their idol.

Not only the wrestler is known for his skills in the wrestling ring but is also very popular for the way he leads his life. Not only a king-size wrestler but Hulkamania is also known for the king-size lifestyle he leads. To lead the life of Hogan, one requires a huge bank balance and the knack for earning it. So, let us understand the net worth of the legendary WWE wrestler.

Before we jump to the net worth of the wrestler it is important to study the report card of the wrestler in the arena of wrestling. In his Hulk-sized wrestling career, Hogan has been able to achieve six WWF championships and six WCW championships. During the late phase of the 1980s and early phases of the 1990s, The Hulkster became the face of wrestling with his career path as the all-American hero.

The reason for Hulkamania being at the top of the game for a long time is his shocking-yet-savvy decision to turn villain as a member of nWo in the WCW.

WWE superstar Hulk Hogan leads a king size life

Hogan’s major part of the earning has been through his mainstream profession, wrestling. Hulk Hogan owns a tremendous bank balance owning to his career that has been for the span of over four decades.

Hulk Hogan, in his autobiography, has mentioned that he used to make around $10 million per year during the later phases of the 1980s. It is to be noted that during this period the wrestler was at his ultimate peak.

However, there comes no confirmation about it from the wrestling company of WWE. Although, Steve Austin was making twelve million in his peak. It wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for Hogan to make the same espescially when he was the foundation around which the WWE was built in the 80’s.

His current net worth is $25 million according to Wealthy Gorilla.

It is a sad part to know that the earnings of the wrestler had hit a huge dent. During the 1990s Hogan spent millions on his luxury lifestyle which led to the damage.

Other than wrestling Hulk Hogan has also tried his hand at the stream of acting. He charged a fee of $15,000 for a role in ‘Rocky III’.

‘No Holds Barred’ and ‘Suburban Commando’ are the other popular movies in which Hogan was seen on the celluloid. The wrestler has also made his presence on the small screen. He had a short-lived foray into the small screen with his reality TV show ‘Hogan Knows Best.’

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