“I don’t know if you know this but she loves me” – WWE star reacts to Paul Heyman claiming she has a mad crush on him

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|Published 07/02/2021

WWE SmackDown star reacts to advocate Paul Heyman boldly claiming on Talking Smack that she has a mad crush on him.

Paul Heyman has made it a habit of producing gems on Talking Smack week after week. It was no different this week. Heyman came face to face with Adam Pearce on Talking Smack after this week’s episode of SmackDown. He told the WWE Official that his job hinged on Drew McIntyre defending his WWE Championship inside the Elimination Chamber.

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Heyman revealed that he had had a chat with Vince McMahon and if Pearce failed to come with an announcement involving Drew McIntyre and the main event of the upcoming Elimination Chamber Pay per view, he would be fired.

WWE star reacts to Paul Heyman claiming she has a mad crush on him

During his conversation with Pearce, Heyman also hilariously stated that Sonya Deville has a mad crush on him. He added that she would love to take Pearce’s place as an authority figure in the WWE.

“I don’t know if you know this or now, but Sonya Deville has a mad crush on me,” Heyman said. “She loves me, and she would love to be put in the position to make all of the decisions on SmackDown once you’re fired. I wish you luck, sir.”

Sonya Deville was tagged in the video clipped by a fan. The former Absolution member responded with a few emoji’s suggesting she was just as confused about this as most people are.

Heyman may be correct in that Deville probably desires to replace Pearce as a WWE Official. However, considering her position as the face of LGBTQ in the WWE, it is more than likely that she has no romantic feelings for him. Regardless, it is hilarious to see a gloating yet clueless heel like Heyman who continues to steal the show on Talking Smack.

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