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“I had no problem with it” – Tony Khan reveals why he allowed AEW superstars to record tribute videos for WWE

Yasser Ayaz
|Fri Jul 15 2022

The president and CEO of AEW, Tony Khan, recently opened up about his top stars and why they shot tribute videos for WWE superstar, John Cena.

There is just one pro wrestling promotion that is considered second to Vince McMahon’s WWE, and the name is All Elite Wrestling(AEW). The promotion was launched in 2019 by Tony Khan alongside some former WWE superstars. Since then, both companies and their stars have never missed an opportunity to tease each other. However, everyone was shocked to see the video clips of AEW superstars on WWE tv recently. 

WWE marked the whole of June as ‘Cena Month’ to celebrate 20 years of John Cena in the company. During the 27 June episode of Raw, WWE aired some tribute videos where WWE legends congratulated Cena for his milestone. But, what came in as a surprise was Chris Jericho, Bryan Danielson(Daniel Bryan), and Paul Wight(Big Show) from AEW paying tribute to their former WWE fellow. 

Tony Khan reveals WWE personally approached him and he did not deny

AEW’s CEO and Co-owner Tony Khan recently appeared on the Battleground podcast and talked about AEW Superstars sending tribute videos for John Cena and much more. Khan explained how some of his wrestlers sent the videos for John Cena’s 20th anniversary in WWE.

While speaking on the show, Khan called himself ‘a good Samaritan’ and stated he would always do the right thing for the right cause. Moreover, the AEW President revealed that WWE approached him personally and he had no objection to that.

However, Tony Khan stated that he left the decision to his superstars whether to send videos or not. He said:

“John Cena’s 20th-anniversary show, I think that’s great. Sounded like a classy show. WWE reached out to me personally and asked me if we would send in videos from some of the top stars. They asked me for videos from Chris Jericho, Paul Wight, Bryan Danielson, and Mark Henry… I thought those were great wrestlers to ask for and I had no problem with it. I also left it up to those wrestlers if they wanted to do it…”


Anyway, even if the two are not receptive to working together yet, these tiny gestures of appreciation do show positive signs.

The Cenation Leader greets his fans with a live appearance on WWE TV

WWE had been advertising John Cena for their 27th June Raw episode to celebrate his two decades in the company. The Cenation leader appeared and even appreciated his fans for all his achievements. Although Cena wasn’t involved in any in-ring action, the whole episode was run around the 16-time world champion.

Nevertheless, witnessing such minor unions between WWE and AEW is a great sign for the pro wrestling industry. Let’s see, if the two promotions ever come up with an event like the recent Forbidden Door PPV.

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