“I think everyone wants to see that one” – Edge on which WWE Superstar he would like to face

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|Published 30/09/2020

“I think everyone wants to see that one” – Edge on which WWE Superstar he would like to face after returning from his triceps injury.

Edge’s return to the WWE opened the doors for a number of dream matches. He was placed in a high profile feud with Randy Orton that was supposed to culminate at SummerSlam. Unfortunately, a triceps injury has put him out of action.

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In an interview with Busted Open Radio, Edge discussed his injury and the people he would like to face once he makes his return to the ring. He expressed his desire to help the younger talent just as the veterans of his time had done for him.

“I think everyone wants to see that one” – Edge on which WWE Superstar he would like to face

“I look at guys like, man, put me in with Ricochet and just let me do my thing,” Edge said. “I would love that and Ali and just so many guys that I would love to get in there with.”

The Rated-R Superstar also name dropped Seth Rollins as another name he would like to face in the future.

“So that to me is really the thing that excites me is to get in there with a guy like Rollins because I think everyone wants to see that one, and there’s just so many talent that I never ever even touched, never even crossed paths with.”

“So, that is really the incentive for me to get back, and I said it in the beginning of this thing. When I came back, I wanted to try to make a difference. I didn’t want to comeback and just collect a paycheck. I want to get in and try and pay this forward like so many people did for me.

“I was lucky, man. I got in the ring with Terry Funk, with Jerry Lawler. I took a piledriver from him in Memphis. Bret Hart, all of these guys that helped me along the way. I feel like this gift that’s kind of been to me, that’s what I got to do with this, so I want to get back to do that because I know the window’s not large.”

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