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John Cena faced a lawsuit over his $400,000 Ford GT over a breach of contract

Archungshang Thouman
|Mon Aug 08 2022

WWE Superstar John Cena once faced a lawsuit over $400,000 Ford GT due to a breach of contract he had with the automobile company.

John Cena’s fondness for cars is no secret. The WWE veteran owns a fleet of niche and subtle choices such as the Corvette InCenaRator, 2007 Ferrari F430 Spider, 2009 Chevy Corvette ZR1 and the ultra rare 2017 Ford GT; the last of which got him into trouble.

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Back in 2016 the 16-time WWE World Champion was handpicked from thousands of applicants and given the chance to purchase the highly sought after Ford GT. However, Cena went on to sell the supercar before owning it for at least 24 months, thus inviting a lawsuit from the Automobile Company.

John Cena faced a lawsuit over his $400,000 Ford GT over a breach of contract

According to Ford, the Automobile company only produced 250 2017 Ford GTs. These cars were then sold to candidates from over 6000 applications!

Ford claimed that not only did Cena make a huge profit from the sale; his actions also resulted in the company losing “the ability to control the reputation of its brand, the integrity of the program and selection process.

The WWE star was sued for breach of contract, fraud, silent fraud, innocent misrepresentation and unjust enrichment. Ford also sued the dealership that Cena sold the car to.

Cena shot back by claiming that Ford failed to prevent him from selling the car in their final contract. After going back and forth for a while Cena eventually settled with Ford for an undisclosed amount of money that the Automaker would donate to charity..

In a statement emailed to Jalopnik from Cena’s law firm Bush Ross, the Wrestler said:

“I love the Ford GT and apologize to Ford, and encourage others who own the car to respect the contract. I am pleased we could resolve this matter outside of court, and that a worthy charity will benefit from one of the most iconic cars in the world.”

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