John Cena says that his upcoming opponent needs an attitude fix!

Ajay Morab
|Published June 14, 2022

WWE Veteran John Cena is hinting at a possible return. Recently he revealed that his upcoming opponent needs an attitude fix!

John Cena is one of the most renowned wrestlers. The wrestler carries huge respect not only in WWE but across all the areas of professional wrestling. Once the baby face of WWE, Cena made his way to Hollywood a while ago.

Even though the wrestler hasn’t declared retirement from his wrestling career but the fans are not able to see him as usual as they used to be before.

The wrestler has been partially associated with the wrestling company of WWE. There had been speculations on many occasions about the return of the wrestler turned actor to the arena of WWE. But none of them has come true until now.

Now again, the speculations have been catching fire. This time the fans of John Cena from all over the globe firmly believe that the speculations will definitely come true. It will not end like the speculations of previous times. And the reason for this firm belief is the announcement of his comeback to the wrestling ring by John Cena himself.

Yes, the veteran has hinted at a possible comeback to his home of wrestling. The ‘You can’t see me’ wrestler has hinted at potential combat between him and the RAW Superstar Theory. Austin Theory has been the new sensation of WWE. The Vince McMahon owned company is doing its best to turn him into the Junior John Cena. Even the wrestler has been able to impress everyone with his impeccable moves.

John Cena says that his upcoming opponent needs an attitude fix!

The audience and the management of WWE find his moves and he never gives up attitude similar to John Cena. But, the one thing that sets apart Cena and possibly Junior Cena is the attitude. The attitude of Austin Theory has disturbed many including the veteran wrestler himself.

Speaking about the same Cena named Austin Theory as the wrestler from the current lot of WWE who needs an Attitude Adjustment. Cena mentioned Theory when he was asked to name a superstar who needs an Attitude Adjustment. By saying this he also hinted to face Theory next. This fueled oil to the fire of speculations about the return of Cena to the ring of WWE.

Even Austin Theory in the past has hinted about his excitement to face John Cena. In the recent past, Theory opened about him looking to face John Cena. Speaking about the match between him and Cena, Theory has said that it is happening for sure!

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