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Kurt Angle reveals how thank you is the new good bye in WWE

Ajay Morab
|Thu Jul 07 2022

Kurt Angle recently reveals how saying thanks to you by WWE Boss Vince McMahon has become the new way of saying goodbye in WWE.

Kurt Angle recently made a revelation on his show. Speaking on The Kurt Angle show he explained how saying thank you to any wrestler by the Chief of WWE, Vince McMahon meant bidding goodbye or being suspended. Kurt, on his show also revealed the tradition of saying thank you by the boss of WWE. He hilariously explained the concept.

In the stream of professional wrestling, more than the written set of rules there exist many unwritten rules. The rules that the wrestlers and the management need to follow. It is necessary for them to keep it in their minds as they try to work their way through the ranks and have successful careers.

On the recent episodes of his show, the Olympic medalist Kurt Angle spoke to ‘Rowdy’ Ronda Rousey. Kurt revealed to Rousey one of the weirdest breaches of this set of rules. The host further revealed that the breaching of the rule. It led to Vince McMahon suspending a WWE Superstar for an entire month.

Kurt Angle reveals how thank you is the new good bye in WWE

Kurt explained that it is a norm to greet back by saying ‘you are welcome,’ when someone says a ‘thank you.’ But, in the arena of professional wrestling a thank you should not be greeted back by saying you are welcome. The host further said that be it thank you or no thank you one should not say you’re welcome.

“You know, when you say thank you, and the person says, you’re welcome. That’s usually the proper way to say it. But in pro wrestling, when you say thank you, the other person is supposed to say thank you back. So it’s like, ‘thank you,’ ‘No, thank you.’ You don’t say you’re welcome,” said Kurt.

He also narrated an incident. An incident where the wrestler revealed how he was told by one of the wrestlers that he was been banned for greeting back you are welcome. The wrestler had replied for a thank you from the chief of WWE. This did not go well with Vince McMahon and thus resulting in a ban for a month.

“I was told one time a wrestler told Vince, Vince said, ‘Hey, thank you for the match tonight.’ He said, ‘You’re welcome. Vince actually took him off the roster for about a month. And suspended him for a month because he didn’t say thank you, he said, ‘You’re welcome.’”

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