Relentless Rollins Decimates a Hapless Dominik At Summerslam

Prateek Arya
|Published August 24, 2020

Seth Rollins decimates Dominik in a no disqualification match. Stomped Mysterio Junior in front of a helpless Rey Mysterio. 

Seth Rollins proved to be too big a task for Dominik in a match where Dominik made his first official in-ring entrance, and was pitted to protect the legacy of the Mysterio family, with Rey Mysterio himself ready to pass the torch, and accompanied him as well.

Seth Rollins Vs. Dominik: Match Summary

Seth Rollins entered with his staunch disciple Murphy against Dominik who had the support of his father who accompanied him to the ring, and also his mother, who seemingly left to watch the match from backstage.

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Seth Rollins dominated the initial proceedings, mocked both Dominik and Rey Mysterio in-process. Dominik however, showcased his astuteness at a number of occasions, and also made Rollins fall through a table. The match had many shenanigans, like Murphy getting involved here and there, Dominik’s mother making an entrance, Rollins targeting Mrs. Mysterio, etc. Rollins and Murphy teamed up at regular intervals, and ultimately in the end trapped Rey Mysterio with a handcuff, after which Seth Rollins made Rey watch the misery of his son. Seth Rollins picked up a pinfall victory, after a vicious stomp.

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