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Some WWE superstars are afraid of losing their spot after Triple H stepped up as the Head of Creative

Rishabh Singh
|Wed Aug 17 2022

Some WWE superstars are allegedly unhappy with Triple H assuming control of the Creative department. Rumour is that some may lose their spot.

With Vince McMahon having retired, Triple H has now stepped up that the head of “The Game” in the creative department. While this news has met with a lot of good cheer, there are still a handful of other superstars that are apprehensive of losing their spot because of the new head of creative. 


During Vince McMahon’s reign, there were a few superstars who were underutilized such as Ciampa. However, Ciampa is now in the running for a huge push in the WWE. With the new boss in town, some people are doubtful of their push in the company. On a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained that some superstars on the roster are fearful of their standing in the company. 

He said, “I’ve heard from some talent, and generally, they are positive. There are definitely people who are worried that they’re gonna lose their spots, and there will be some people who will because you’re gonna have different visions of who the top people are. Not everyone can be a top person.”

It is a well-known fact that Vince McMahon had a liking for superstars that were bigger in size and stature. It remains to be seen what criteria qualify a superstar to be a top competitor according to Triple H. 

Winds of Change

After Triple H assumed his position as the head of creative, fans witnessed a change in the past PPV event of SummerSlam. In a match between Bianca Belair and Becky Lynch, The Irish wrestler was the heel. After being defeated by Belair, instead of staying as the heel, Becky was seen extending her appreciation to Belair with a hug. 

Allegedly, Becky was supposed to remain as the heel but Triple H flipped the script. Following Belair’s win over Lynch, Bayley made her unexpected return and brought Dakota Kai and Lyo Sky along. The trio attempted to ambush Belair but failed in doing so as Becky Lynch quickly made it back to the ring and came to the aid of Belair forcing the trio to fall back. According to Wade Keller from, the original plan for Lynch was different. He explained what he heard about the situation. 

“I can now confirm Becky was not gonna turn if Vince McMahon was still in control. That was a Paul Levesque call. I just got confirmation on that. She would have been a heel as we’re talking right now if McMahon was still running things. So, one big change early on there”.

The change in Becky’s character from a heel to a babyface was obviously “The Game’s” idea. With this little change inflicted already, it remains to be known how much more changes are coming in the WWE after Vince’s retirement.

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