“That LeBron James would do that is very flattering” – LeBron James paid an iconic tribute to WWE Legend Stone Cold Steve Austin

Yasser Ayaz
|Published 29/03/2022

LeBron James honored Stone Cold Steve Austin last year before the Lakers were going against the Minnesota Timberwolves in a home game.

Los Angeles Lakers LeBron celebrated Stone Cold’s 3:16 day and honored the WWE veteran by wearing a T-shirt with “LeBron 3:16” written on it. The moment took place in March last year while LeBron was entering the Staples Center before the Los Angeles Lakers home game against the Minnesota Timberwolves

LeBron’s Fans reacted to the ‘3:16’ Shirt and wanted to order the merch instantly

With the amount of fanbase LeBron James has across the globe, it was obvious that they won’t keep quiet. A lot of them took to Twitter and expressed their wish to buy the LeBron 3:16 shirt. In fact, they desired to order the merch immediately.

Lakers star LeBron James has also appeared in WWE during the initial days of his NBA career.

James was in the same locality where WWE was doing Monday Night Raw back in 2003. As a true WWE fan, a young King James went to watch the show. Even the WWE announcers Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler his appearance by hyping him as one of the hottest Superstars in the NBA.

The Los Angeles Lakers star appeared with a flip phone and even recorded Stone Cold Steve Austin on it.

Stone Cold Steve Austin was flattered by the gesture and reacted to LeBron James’ tribute

In a conversation with HollywoodLife, The Texas Rattlesnake expressed that it was rather flattering to see LeBron James celebrate 3:16. Austin also stated that just like LeBron has watched his career, He also has watched his entire magnificent NBA career.

“The magnificent career he’s had, that he would wear a ‘LeBron 3:16’ shirt is very flattering. It goes back, he watched my career and I’ve watched his entire career, so full circle on that.” He Said.

The Birth of the catchphrase Austin 3:16 in 1996.

Stone Cold used the ‘Austin 3:16’ catchphrase in an interview after defeating Jake “The Snake” Roberts in the 1996 King of the Ring finals. Although the “Austin 3:16” shirt was born from that interview, James mirrored the merchandise with his own take on it.


Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of the most prominent names in the pro-wrestling industry. The Texas RattleSnake has done more than what can be depicted in words. Austin was one of the primary faces of the WWE in the Attitude Era and is a six-time WWE World heavyweight. James is searching for his fifth career NBA title and second in a row. Stone Cold is also going to appear in this year’s Wrestlemania (Wrestlemania 38) in the Kevin Owens Show.

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