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“The Deadman and Harley Quinn?” –Margot Robbie names Undertaker favorite WWE star, the Deadman responds

Archie Blade

Margot Robbie names Undertaker favorite WWE star, the Deadman responds

Margot Robbie names Undertaker favorite WWE star, the Deadman responds. The Suicide Squad actress portrays popular DC character Harley Quinn.

Margot Robbie was recently part of a WWE interview conducted by SmackDown Women’s Champion. She was there to promote her upcoming movie Suicide Squad (2021). During the interview she revealed that she was a fan of wrestling growing up.

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Robbie named WWE legend The Undertaker her favorite WWE star alongside John Cena, who plays the role of Peacemaker in Suicide Squad.

“I really have an issue with this misconception that women aren’t excited by or don’t like action or fight scenes or anything. I mean, I watched WWE growing up and my favorite was The Undertaker and John Cena, by the way, so it was crazy working with him. But imagine if I had grown up watching you [Bianca Belair] on screen. Imagine what I would have thought I was capable of doing had I grown up seeing women do all the things that I loved watching men do.”

Margot Robbie names Undertaker favorite WWE star, the Deadman responds

The interview caught the Undertaker’s attention, who took to Twitter to suggest the two teaming up together as their on-screen alter egos. He wrote:

“The Deadman and Harley Quinn? Sounds like hell of a tag team.”

The Undertaker called time on his WWE Career at Survivor Series last year, exactly 30 years after first making his debut with the promotion. His final match was against AJ Styles at Wrestlemania 36 in a Boneyard match.

The WWE then aired a a six-part documentary called Undertaker: The Last Ride. It focussed on the final years of his career. It was on that very series where the Undertaker announced his intention to hang up his boots for good this time.

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