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“This might be a little too much” – Matt Hardy recalls his infamous storyline with Jeff Hardy in WWE

Yasser Ayaz
|Wed Aug 17 2022

Former WWE superstar Matt Hardy recently talked about his fierce 2009 rivalry against his real-life brother, Jeff Hardy. 

The Hardy Boyz are undoubtedly one of the greatest tag teams in the history of pro wrestling. Both brothers have held 12-tag team championships (WWE/TNA/ROH) in their decades-long careers. However, during their run in WWE, Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy were also involved in a very personal feud in 2009.

In that rivalry, it was shown that Matt burned Jeff Hardy’s house and also killed his dog. Both brothers ended their feud at the Showcase of Immortals that year. Coincidently, Jeff’s house had caught fire in real where he lost his dog.

Recently, the former WWE superstar spoke with MuscleManMalcolm where he disclosed who’s idea was to use a real-life tragedy in an onscreen storyline.

It was Vince McMahon’s idea to pin Jeff’s tragedy on Matt Hardy

While speaking on the show, the former 9-time WWE tag team champion recalled his 13 years old rivalry against his bother, Jeff Hardy. Matt revealed that it was Vince’s idea to use that tragic incident in an onscreen storyline and put all the blame on Matt Hardy.

The former star also shared his conversation with Mr. McMahon. Matt talked to his boss and asserted that fans might not buy that. The veteran wasn’t sure if the audience would believe he can do a such mean thing to his real brother. 

But, Vince went with the idea anyway, and as a loyal employee, Matt agreed to do the angle. Though he did feel Vince went too far doing that angle. He stated:

“Vince had that idea of like pinning that one me saying I was the one that did it. You know, it was just a coincidence that happened to happen during that time we’re doing that program. And I said, ‘I think this might be a little too much… But, he wanted to do it. So, you know, being an employee that was going to go with the flow, I did it…”

Nevertheless, the feud led to an epic 13-minute battle between the two brothers at Wrestlemania 25. Matt Hardy defeated his brother in an Extreme Rules Match and established himself as a singles star in WWE. 

The AEW star wants to team-up with his bother and face Edge and Christian once again 

During the interview, Broken Matt also opened up about his personal life and his career growth alongside his brother, Jeff. The host also asked Matt Hardy to name one WWE Superstar from his generation that he wants to join AEW.

Matt named The Rated-R Superstar Edge, and if all things go well, he would love to see brother return and do an Edge and Christian vs Hardy Boyz match one more time. 

Anyway, while Christian and Matt Hardy are working in AEW, Jeff Hardy is out of action because of his recent brush-up with the law. Since Edge is signed with WWE, the chances of all four icons wrestling in a tag team match seem very less. 

But, as they say, Never Say Never.

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