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Triple H allows WWE stars to use words previously banned by Vince McMahon

Yasser Ayaz
|Wed Aug 17 2022

New Head of WWE Creative, Triple H, is starting to show changes in the product as he recently lifted the ban from a few words.

It is a well-known fact that Vince McMahon is not a fan of using certain words in WWE. The former CEO had even banned a long list of terms over the years. Nobody in the company was allowed to use words like Belts, Attack, and many more during the broadcast. Not to forget, Mr. McMahon preferred calling his talents ‘Superstars’ instead of ‘Wrestlers’. But, with Triple H replacing Vince McMahon as the new Head of WWE Creative, things are starting to change.

The are reports that suggest Triple H has lifted the ban from a few words. WWE stars and commentators will now be allowed to use words like Wrestlers and Wrestling. In fact, the change was evident during the August 5, edition of SmackDown Live.

A forbidden word used under the new Head of WWE Creative, Triple H

One of the words banned by Vince McMahon was Hospital, replacing it with the term Local Medical Facility. But, when The Tribal Cheif addressed the WWE Universe during his appearance on SmackDown after SummerSlam, fans noticed a change. Roman Reigns used the word Hospital instead of Local Medical Facility while talking about his wise man, Paul Heyman.

Although this change is tiny, it does demonstrate what the product will be like under Triple H. Moreover, WWE fans have been waiting for this change and are happy with it. A lot of fans took to social media to express themselves. FightFul’s Sean Ross Sapp took to Twitter and posted this:

Well, this shouldn’t be a surprise if more words are allowed in the future. Who knows, in the coming months, words like Belts might be used on WWE live tv instead of just Championships. 

The Cerebral Assasin believes there’s a massive gap to fill after Vince McMahon

Recently, the new Creative Head of WWE appeared on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast where he talked about replacing Vince McMahon. Triple H praised his former boss for the legacy he has created and believes there’s a huge gap that he can never imagine filling. In fact, The Game noted it would take more than one or two people to do what Mr. McMahon did for almost four decades.

Anyway, be it SummerSlam or the quality of shows afterward, the pro wrestling world is impressed with the new Creative Head of WWE. So far, whatever changes have been made, fans have loved them, and this is evident in the recent RAW ratings. Let’s see, how things go forward in the near future under the regime of Triple H.

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