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Triple H Reportedly “Worried” About How Fans Are Reacting to a Few Superstars

Yasser Ayaz

Triple H reunite WrestleMania

Triple H began to right the wrongs of Vince McMahon as soon as he took creative control of WWE last year. The first thing he did was bring back some fan favorites that were let go from the company. In less than six months, he re-signed many wrestlers including Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman, and Karrion Kross. However, it seems not every one of them is living up to the management’s expectations. According to a recent report, WWE higher-ups are worried about a few superstars with the kind of fan reaction they are getting.

WrestlingBlog, in one of its recent social media posts, made the above claim. In fact, it also shed light on the names that have put worries in the mind of WWE management.

Triple H worried about the superstars like Karrion Kross, Bronson Reed, Mia Yim, and more

Taking to Twitter, WrestlingBlog made a post talking about a few names that were re-signed by the Triple H-led WWE regime. It stated that WWE management is worried when it comes to how fans are reacting to a few superstars.

Although the list of names was not that big, it did contain some notable superstars. WrestlingBlog noted WWE is worried about superstars like Karrion Kross, Hit Row, and Bronson Reed.

As to the female superstars, Mia Yim and Johnny Gargano’s wife Candice LeRae was on the list. Though the report said nothing about what the management is thinking of doing about the whole matter.

Well, the names are big as after rehiring, Triple H gave them the best onscreen booking he could. But it seems fans could not click with these superstars and hence, WWE management is worried.

However, not every superstar connects with the fans in the same manner. Some get over easily, some need time, and a few find the whole thing difficult no matter what. But with Triple H in control, one can assume a solution will be found rather than releasing them again.

Karrion Kross has received a reasonable onscreen push despite the way fans have treated him

Out of all the names listed above, Karrion Kross is the most surprising and, at the same time, obvious one. Triple H had been a big supporter of “The Doom Walker” from his time in NXT.

So, after taking over the creative last year, he re-signed Kross and, in fact, gave him a solid booking. In fact, he was involved in the main event storyline between Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns.

However, in the very first feud, Karrion Kross, ended up losing his momentum. Fans saw no chemistry between him and McIntyre and since then, could not connect with the star. Currently, he is feuding with Rey Mysterio who he will face on this week’s SmackDown Live.

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