“We have big plans to help him cross over” – WWE President Nick Khan discusses a possible future for Roman Reigns in Hollywood

Ajay Morab
|Published 09/04/2022

WWE President Nick Khan has said that WWE has big plans for Roman Reigns and sees him as the next guy to make the leap to Hollywood.

Since The Rock had his footsteps in the world of celluloid the universe of WWE has been producing actors at regular intervals. The Rock’s entry into Hollywood was followed by that of John Cena and Dave Bautista.

Now, speaking to The Town, WWE President Nick Khan commented that WWE has big plans for Roman Reigns and  see him as the next guy to cross over to Hollywood. Given the fact that the path is much smoother than it was in the 20th century. This the reason, the audience can see more WWE wrestlers in the arena of Hollywood.

‘We think he’s certainly up there’

“We think he’s certainly up there, We have big plans to help him cross over, which we think will be great for him and certainly great to do with him.” said the President of WWE.

“I think he was given advice early on to, ‘Hey, get rid of the muscles. Don’t be a handsome leading man. Distance yourself from WWE.’ You saw the result was like the Tooth Fairy movie,”Khan added, “He, to his credit, like Vince and like other people, has the unique ability to see things. Instead of saying, ‘Hey, this Tooth Fairy thing was great! I made X number of millions of dollars on it!’ It was more, ‘This is not what I want this to be.’ It wasn’t authentic.” h/t The Town

Vince McMahon had a crucial role in course-correcting The Rock’s career

Further speaking about The Rock, Khan said that Vince McMahon had a crucial role in course-correcting the career of the star wrestler. It also included the wrestler turned actor’s famous comeback in the rings of WWE in the year 2011.

“One of the people, Rock has shared with me and Vince has shared with me, Rock called was Vince,” Tony Khan said. “Rock called Vince and said, ‘Hey, this is not working the way I think it should be working. I think I want to reattach to WWE and I think I need to get a new agent.’

Vince helped him do that, and Rock was on the path that he’s on now.

“The inner voice has to match the outer voice. It’s the same thing with our characters. Rock, John Cena, Stone Cold, Roman Reigns. Who they are now is who they are in real life, just amplified. That tends to work best for us. When you miscast someone, it never works in the film business.” 


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