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“You DC f*****!!”: Indian Valorant Streamer 8Bit Binks69 threatens AFK teammate on livestream

Yuvansh Ruia

Valorant binks69

The Valorant community remains shocked seeing 8Bit Binks69 take extreme measures against an AFK teammate. He speaks profanities and threatens him live on stream for being AFK in-game.

Popular Indian streamer, 8Bit Binks69 whose full name is Mithul Nayak plays PC and mobile games such as Valorant and BGMI. He regularly streams Valorant and joined the 8Bit clan as a content creator.

Binks69 is known for his unnecessary toxicity in ranked games but his most recent stream has taken it too far. Due to his actions, the Indian gaming community has lost the respect of many players worldwide.

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8Bit Binks69 abusing and threatening AFK player live on Valorant stream.

In the video posted on Reddit, you can see Binks69 dial the phone and take the AFK teammate’s in-game name. He somehow finds his number and eventually learns he resides in Assam, India.

Apparently, the AFK teammate was toxic towards Binks69’s mother and his sponsors when they were playing. This led to an overreaction by Binks69. Further on, the AFK(away from keyboard) teammate says that it is just a ranked game.

At teammate’s laidback comment, Binks69 loses his calm and says,

“You motherf******? You were AFK for 3 rounds. You DC f**ker, how were you DCed when you were in-game, you were AFK.

“You’re sitting AFK on 3 kills while we all grind…. (more profanities) and are talking shit about my team?”

AFK teammate says the streamer can’t do anything about him anyway. In reply, the Indian streamer went, “Oh I can’t do anything to you? I can’t because you’re not here but just you wait.” Then, he continues to threaten him outside the game.

There is a fine line between rage and insanity.

Binks69 goes on to say it took him seconds to find his number and it’ll be just as easy to find his location. The AFK teammate lost patience to converse further and Binks69 hung up.

Such people summarise the toxic nature of our gaming community. people like them should be banned from all communication mediums.

To be honest, if you cannot keep your cool enough to fight through adversity, at least do not blame others.

There is a saying, “You get dirty with the pig, and the Pig likes it.” Stay away from toxic individuals- IRL and In-game.

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